Mongkok Computer Centre

地點:旺角電腦中心 | 無障礙分類:電腦城| 無障礙資訊: 旺角電腦中心只設少量無障礙設施,包括升降機、暢通易達洗手間等,商場內的通道較狹窄,且人流眾多,輪椅/行動不便人士前往需要注意。

Accessibility Index
Attractions Evaluation
The entrance is equipped with an automatic door or no door, and it is wide and suitable for wheelchairs to enter and leave alone
The passage is generally flat and wide or has a ramp, but some of it may require assistance from others
There is a basic lift, you may need assistance from others when using it
There is an accessible toilet, wheelchair/person with reduced mobility can use it alone
The staff is friendly and courteous, and can provide consulting services for wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility
The space channel is generally wide and flat, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility may require assistance from others

suitable category

  • Physical Disability
  • Manual wheelchair
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Wheelchair companion
  • Elderly
  • Pregnant woman
  • Family family
  • Couple
  • Photoman
  • Lone Ranger

Local Facilities

  •   Wifi
  •   Available by subway (within 15 minutes walk)
  •   Bus reachable (within 15 minutes walk)


Mong Kok Computer Center (Mong Kok for short) is located at No. 8 Nelson Street, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. It is a well-known computer product sales center in Hong Kong. The Mong Kok Computer Center is a 3-storey themed computer mall with an area of approximately 25,000 square feet. It is the first computer thematic mall in Mong Kok. It is similar to the Gordon Computer Center and the Golden Computer Mall. It mainly sells computer hardware and peripheral accessories such as CD- R, DVD-R, mouse, keyboard, laptops, computer books, software, and mobile walkman and accessories are also sold. There are all kinds of goods.

Accessibility description

There are only a few barrier-free facilities, including lifts, accessible toilets, etc. The passages in the mall are narrow and there are a lot of people. People with wheelchairs/handicapped need to pay attention to it.

 FG Tips

The computer center in Mong Kok is small, and people with wheelchairs/handicapped people need special attention.

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Relevant information

Address : Nos. 49-69 Fa Yuen Street and Nos.8 & 8A Nelson Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Enquiries : 2302-0858

Website :

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Traffic Information

Accessibility Index
- There are a lot of bus routes to reach
Meeting Facilities
Walk through Exit E2 of Mong Kok Station, MTR

Meeting Facilities


- The main entrance and exit of the Mong Kok Computer Center is located on Nelson Street. The entrance is still wide and flat, suitable for wheelchairs/persons with reduced mobility.
- There is a lift near the entrance to other floors

Channel design

- Most places have narrow passageways and a large number of people in shopping malls. People with wheelchairs/handicapped people need to pay attention to it
- There is a lift on and off, located near the entrance on the ground


- There are accessible toilets in the Mong Kok Computer Centre shopping mall


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