Life Angel Donation Program

Life Angel Donation Program

The life of a disabled friend is not easy. No matter whether it is working, living, going out, food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc., it is difficult to walk. Often the income can only barely make a living, and life is difficult. However, the road is difficult and people help each other. Everyone can become an angel in other people’s lives. The purpose of this project is to help disabled friends in need to live or realize their dreams. There are already hundreds of friends. Get help, your little effort may affect their life, and you will also be inspired to understand the meaning of life better.

As long as you want, everyone can be an angel in other people’s lives. If you want to get more information, please call 'Barrier Free Life' Ms. Chan
Tel: (852) 3468-3456 or email to [email protected]

Kelly (persons with reduced mobility) strong>

I am very happy to participate in these communion exchange groups for the first time. The Handicap Information Network was searched for me on the Internet through my old colleagues. Because she knew that I had been eager to rush out of Hong Kong to travel abroad, but I did not get what I wanted. By chance, she knew that there would be one this summer vacation, free to leave Malaysia for a 6-day communion exchange group. She then vigorously recommended to me and asked my colleagues in the contact agency to understand. After contacting my colleagues in the organization on the phone, I found that this exchange group is very suitable for me. I also have the courage to rush out of Hong Kong, but I don’t have a companion to travel with myself! This time there are more than 30 people in the group, whether they are staff of the agency, tour guides, or even young volunteers in the same group, they also take care of their needs on the journey personally, and also provide me with a free wheelchair for my needs during the journey, allowing me Really experience the fun of barrier-free travel for the first time. It’s the first time that I’m a big person, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable during the journey; nor did I feel pain in my ears. I had a meaningful and enjoyable journey for the six days. Add some color to my limited life. Finally, allow me to say my heartfelt thanks! If there is a similar exchange group next time, I am also happy to participate! Broaden your horizons and broaden your knowledge!

Sam (working youth)

This exchange group brought me the most memorable experience, it goes without saying It's getting along with people in wheelchairs. I once participated in a volunteer group and visited poor households in the Mainland with other college students. However, the visit was only a few hours of dialogue, and there was no understanding, let alone understanding the feelings of the other party. During the journey in Malaysia, in addition to mastering the operation skills of the wheelchair, I can also apply what I have learned to help push the wheelchair on the road to help. It is really happy and satisfying. At first, I also encountered troubles. For example, on the way to a small slope, the wheelchair leaned towards the road and got out of balance, or went around a long circle but hit the long stairs and failed to reach the toilet. After many attempts, I gradually mastered the skills of pushing wheelchairs, and also understood the real needs of wheelchair users, such as when to pull on the pedals, when they need abduction, etc., from the beginning, they kept asking them what they thought of us Help, and slowly formed a tacit understanding to assist them. It’s not easy to push a wheelchair for a long time in the hot weather, but I can help people in wheelchairs, whether it’s taking a photo of them on the riverside of Malacca, or hearing them say thank you, my heart is full of peace and joy.

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