Information Technology Development Project

Information Technology Development Project

The Free Guider operation team has more than 10 years of experience in managing large-scale projects and information technology projects. They are good at information technology platform development, product marketing, marketing, company coordination and cooperation, and design workflows, both online and online Download and social media contact target customer groups in all directions, and use new technologies to bring better, more convenient and simple lives.

We can tailor-made comprehensive solutions for cooperative enterprises and organizations, use technology service programs to improve competitiveness or transformation, and can also assist cooperative enterprises/organizations in applying for technology funding programs (such as 'Technology Vouchers' TVP and D-Biz) help companies in digital transformation, simplify work and enhance competitiveness.

We can provide information technology projects that meet your company's needs. If your company wants more related information, please call 'Barrier Free Life', Ms. Wong.
Tel: (852) 3468 -3456 or email to [email protected]

Successful case-Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Tung Chung Integrated Service i-Life
In 2020, SKH Tung Chung Integrated Service i-Life will organize different types of special interest classes and groups, lectures, training workshops, etc. with a new service model, cross-professional and cross-sector cooperation , So that members of different ages have diversified development. The center also provides fee-based professional treatment services, including parental education, child development training, art therapy, play therapy, exercise therapy, health care workshops, etc. Get better service.
Therefore, the center cooperated with Free Guider to introduce a new service model, add O2O elements, establish an online registration and electronic charging platform, support web pages and mobile applications, and serve as a pilot for 'smart institutions' for members Provide one-stop brand-new services, simplify the required procedures, and improve the existing efficiency, so that members can have a better and more enjoyable service experience, and greatly reduce the workload of current colleagues.
  • Online ticketing and payment platform
  • During the event registration period, event orders with more than 100,000 sales can be processed every day
  • Name retention system to reduce customer loss and assist in launching new activities< /li>
  • Use digital marketing to reach more target customers
  • 24 working hours
  • Real-time reporting and data accuracy
  • Reduce manpower and pressure
  • If the event is cancelled, refund easily
  • Integrate existing systems and reduce processes
  • Using cloud services, projects are more flexible

* If you want to know more about the project or how to use information technology in your own business, please feel free to contact us.

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