Hong Kong Accessibility Investigation Team

[Hong Kong Accessibility Investigation Team]

Helping others also opens up a different world for us

Want to contribute to the integration of the disabled?

It is actually very simple to help people with physical disabilities go out of their homes, face the community, and integrate into society. We encourage people from different strata of society to participate in volunteer activities, show love, and help others.

By gathering the strength of all people, it will certainly promote and carry forward the spirit of inclusiveness for the disabled and healthy for the society, and help people with disabilities in need.

If you want to contribute to the construction of a barrier-free society, you are welcome to join our barrier-free investigation team, and through your strength, help more disabled people and become their peers.

For details, please call 3468-3456 or email to [email protected] Inquire。

*Inquiries and participation from wheelchair friends are especially welcome

Scope of Work of the Accessibility Investigation Team
  • Visit the community

    Walk into the community, investigate and experience facilities, and jointly build barrier-free maps

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  • Out of the world

    Data collection combined with travel experience, shared with fellow travelers in different ways

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  • Promotion sharing

    Promote accessibility to the public, use experience and experience as mentors, and encourage each other

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  • Team cooperation

    Unite the team, focus on the goal, create unlimited possibilities for dreams

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Visit the community
The barrier-free investigation team will personally enter the community for field experience and investigation, use the first person's experience as a record, collect information, organize and report, share and jointly build barrier-free maps, and help other friends in need.
Out of the world
The barrier-free survey team will share travel experience with each other, collect and organize various information, write practical articles or share it personally, to encourage other disabled people to travel freely. It will also organize travel activities from time to time to give play to the spirit of mutual assistance among peers, learn and learn Different people get along with each other, broad vision and community circles.
Promotion sharing
Visit various institutions and organizations to share and promote the concept of accessibility, and will also help organize activities such as accessibility experiences and workshops to let the public understand the daily life of wheelchair users and reflect on themselves, thereby promoting the concept of inclusiveness of the disabled.
Team cooperation
With a team of 4-5 people as a group of cooperation mode, plan, prepare, practice, and complete some barrier-free related project plans, complement each other and achieve the goal.

Free Guider Accessible Information Network since 2014,Launched the online platform www.freeguider.com and the mobile app - Accessible Life, so that people with wheelchairs, mobility impairments and people with different needs can find all kinds of barrier-free information and travel route guides anytime and anywhere. Since 2017, Free Guider has been funded by the Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund to develop a barrier-free lifestyle mobile app. It is a recognized social enterprise under the Council of Hong Kong. The current barrier-free survey covers 400 attractions and more than 5000 friendly restaurants in Hong Kong , Is currently the largest and most complete accessibility information platform in Hong Kong; users can not only browse other user reviews, but also share personal experiences, promote communication between members, help improve and update all accessible information on the website, and actively promote the integration of the disabled . By cooperating with different universities, disability organizations and conscientious companies in Hong Kong to raise public awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, a number of inclusive outings, disability workshops, visits to special organizations, and rehabilitation organizations are different from training and support for the disabled Types of exhibition activities and other categories of activities.

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