Accessibility Partner Cooperative Promotion Program

The Free Guider Accessible Information Network can not only help customers better understand your company’s services and products through various promotional activities, but also build a more positive and inclusive corporate image for the brand. Our social enterprise often differs from universities, medical institutions and organizations in Hong Kong. Conscience companies cooperate to raise public awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, and strive to create Hong Kong as an inclusive and barrier-free city. It has also held barrier-free travel experiences for many times, winning AM730, Economic Daily, HK01, Yahoo and the University of Hong Kong (English newspaper) And other media interviews.

We can provide cooperation promotion channels that meet the needs of your company. If your company wants more information, please call 'Barrier Free Life' Ms. Wong
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Cooperative Promotion Event
  • Experience Workshop

    Experience the life of people with disabilities and promote the inclusiveness of the disabled

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  • Life Education

    Influence life with life, reflect on life, learn to think from multiple angles

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  • Accessibility Promotion

    Build a more positive and inclusive corporate image

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  • Other cooperation projects

    Design your own plan to achieve better results

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Experience Workshop
The experiential workshop aims to promote the integration of the disabled and the health, so that the public can understand the daily life of wheelchair users, reflect on themselves, learn to get along with different people, broaden their horizons and community circles, and create a co-creation of the future in Hong Kong The barrier-free community has its important and far-reaching enlightenment.
Eric Li (student)

Because this event is for people with disabilities, I have more They spend a lot of time together with the disabled. In fact, their lives are very inconvenient because they have to sit in wheelchairs, so we help and support each other. In addition, I think that I am very lucky by nature, because some disabled people are not born with defects, but acquired factors, so we should live in the present and enjoy everything we have now.

Tracy (working youth)

I find that traveling with the disabled is a little more patient and careful.Because not many places have barrier-free facilities. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to the situation on the road. For example, if the ground is uneven, we must go around to prevent the wheelchair from getting stuck. Also, we should listen more and ask about the needs of the disabled, because sometimes we are used to arranging everything we do, but the disabled are unable to do so due to physical imperfections. For example, it is necessary to help the disabled to catch food when eating, because the table is too big and the hands are not long enough, and they are sitting in a wheelchair, which is very inconvenient. They are also afraid to trouble us, so we have to take the initiative to help them eat.

Kitty (Working youth)

Every wheeler has taken the first step to push the wheelchair compared to our young people. It is a test of everyone’s tacit understanding. One push and the other will be under pressure. I am very happy to get along with the wheelers. A sense of success that creates good memories.

Life Education
Through the disabled people share their own experiences, life affects lives, so that participants can learn to think about life from multiple angles, enhance their personal ability to fight adversity, learn to appreciate and cherish what is around them, and make life more positive energy!

You can first enter the live library to learn about the stories of life educators

Other cooperation projects
Design your exclusive plan to achieve a more ideal effect, make everyone better understand your company's services and products, add color and warmth to each other's lives, and build a more positive and inclusive corporate image for the brand.

Since 2014, the Free Guider Accessible Information Network has launched an online platform www.freeguider.com and a mobile app 'Accessible Life', allowing wheelchairs, people with mobility impairments and people with different needs to find all kinds of accessible information anytime and anywhere. Guide to travel routes. Since 2017, Free Guider has been funded by the 'Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund' to develop a barrier-free lifestyle mobile app. It is a recognized 'social enterprise' under the Council of Hong Kong. The current barrier-free survey covers 400 attractions and more than 5000 friendly restaurants in Hong Kong , Is currently the largest and most complete accessibility information platform in Hong Kong; users can not only browse other user reviews, but also share personal experiences, promote communication between members, help improve and update all accessible information on the website, and actively promote the integration of the disabled . By cooperating with different universities, disability organizations and conscientious companies in Hong Kong to raise public awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, a number of inclusive outings, disability workshops, visits to special organizations, and rehabilitation organizations are different from training and support for the disabled Types of exhibition activities and other categories of activities.

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