Accessibility Partner Sponsorship Program

Sponsoring the Free Guider accessible information network not only allows customers to better understand your company's services and products through various promotional activities, but also builds a more positive and inclusive corporate image for the brand. Your sponsorship can help us organize travel experience activities on a regular basis, encourage disabled friends to actively plan outings, while exhibiting a spirit of cooperation, while traveling happily, travel to popular places in Hong Kong, to promote and share the barrier-free life in harmony with the disabled.

We can provide promotional channels that meet the needs of your company. If your company wants more promotional and sponsored information, please call 'Barrier Free Life', Ms. Chan
Tel: (852) 3468-3456 or email to [email protected]

Accessibility partner sponsored events
  • Outbound Activities

    Experience the fun of barrier-free travel, broaden the world for the limited life

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  • Travel Activities

    Friends with disabilities plan outing together and travel to popular places in Hong Kong

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  • Community Activities

    Promote the concept of inclusiveness between the disabled and the health through barrier-free experiences and workshops

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  • Material Sponsorship

    Help friends in need with physical materials to solve urgent needs

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Outbound Activities
Young people and the disabled are visiting together to promote the integration of the disabled and the disabled, and encourage the disabled to travel freely. The interaction between the young participants and their fellow disabled can also strengthen the promotion of multilateral injuries Healthy inclusiveness also allows a group of young people to show the spirit of mutual help in the exchange process, learn to get along with different people, and broaden their horizons and community circles, which has important and far-reaching inspiration for the future creation of barrier-free communities in Hong Kong .
Kelly (persons with reduced mobility)

I am very happy to participate in these communion exchange groups for the first time. The Handicap Information Network was searched for me on the Internet through my old colleagues. Because she knows that I have always been eager to rush out of Hong Kong to travel abroad, and the old colleague also knows that my physical condition and financial ability can leave Hong Kong alone. Why hasn't it been so long? But on the journey, there are no companions to travel abroad with me.In view of this, after her introduction, she also knew that this summer there will be a 6-day communion exchange group to leave Malaysia freely. She then vigorously recommended to me and asked my colleagues in the contact agency to understand. After contacting my colleagues in the organization on the phone, I found that this exchange group is very suitable for me. I also have the courage to rush out of Hong Kong, but I don’t have a companion to travel with myself! This time there are more than 30 people in the group, whether they are staff of the agency, tour guides, or even young volunteers in the same group, they also take care of their needs on the journey personally, and also provide me with a free wheelchair for my needs during the journey, allowing me Really experience the fun of barrier-free travel for the first time. It’s the first time that I’m a big person, and I didn’t feel uncomfortable during the journey; nor did I feel pain in my ears. I had a meaningful and enjoyable journey for the six days. Add some color to my limited life. Finally, allow me to say my heartfelt thanks! If there is a similar exchange group next time, I am also happy to participate! Broaden your horizons and broaden your knowledge!

Nelson (college student )

In this exchange group on 6th and 5th night, I had the opportunity to travel to Malaysia with the disabled. It was very rare. Through these six days of experience, I learned more about their needs in life and the many inconveniences that wheelchair users will encounter when traveling, and I am deeply aware of the help that barrier-free facilities in the local community can help them. In our daily life, we may seldom pay attention to whether the barrier-free facilities around us are complete or not, such as whether there are wheelchair-accessible slopes near the stairs at the entrance and exit of a shopping mall, or whether there are elevators on the stairs of subway stations for wheelchair users to enter and exit easily. These may be trivial details in the lives of the able-bodied, but for those in need it is a manifestation of care and consideration. Don't do nothing with kindness, every kindness makes society better.

Sam (working youth)

This exchange group brought me the most memorable experience, it goes without saying It's getting along with people in wheelchairs. I once participated in a volunteer group and visited poor households in the Mainland with other college students. However, the visit was only a few hours of dialogue, and there was no understanding, let alone understanding the feelings of the other party. During the journey in Malaysia, in addition to mastering the operation skills of the wheelchair, I can also apply what I have learned to help push the wheelchair on the road to help. It is really happy and satisfying. At first, I also encountered troubles. For example, on the way to a small slope, the wheelchair leaned towards the road and got out of balance, or went around a long circle but hit the long stairs and failed to reach the toilet. After many attempts, I gradually mastered the skills of pushing wheelchairs, and also understood the real needs of wheelchair users, such as when to pull on the pedals, when they need abduction, etc., from the beginning, they kept asking them what they thought of us Help, and slowly formed a tacit understanding to assist them. It’s not easy to push a wheelchair for a long time in the hot weather, but I can help people in wheelchairs, whether it’s taking a photo of them on the riverside of Malacca, or hearing them say thank you, my heart is full of peace and joy.

Eldon (working youth)

I am very happy to participate in this exchange group co-organized by Free Guider and Lions Club Activities, I am experiencing a period of confusion after graduating and joining the society. I am thinking of going out in other places. This exchange group not only gives me the opportunity to set foot in Malaysia for the first time in my life, learn about the local customs and culture, and get close contact with wheelchair users. Life has given me a lot of personal growth. It not only improves my personal empathy and sense of responsibility, but also deeply understands the life background and difficulties of people of different backgrounds. I have the most substantial preparation for taking on more social responsibilities in the future. The days of playing with other new friends every day and night have added vitality and energy to the boring life. I hope that Free Guider and Lions will continue to organize exchange activities in the future to give Hong Kong youth more opportunities to go global.

Travel Activities
Through half-day or full-day experience activities, we encourage friends with disabilities to actively plan outings, while exhibiting a spirit of cooperation, while traveling happily, traveling to popular places in Hong Kong to promote and share the barrier-free life of the disabled !
Community Activities
Through barrier-free experiences, workshops and other activities, let the public understand the daily life of wheelchair users, and reflect on themselves, thereby promoting the concept of inclusiveness for the disabled.
Material Sponsorship
Through the distribution of donated materials and visits, the burden on the lives of the disabled can be reduced, and their needs can be cared for, adding color and warmth to each other's lives.

Since 2014, the Free Guider Accessible Information Network has launched an online platform www.freeguider.com and a mobile app 'Accessible Life', allowing wheelchairs, people with mobility impairments and people with different needs to find all kinds of accessible information anytime and anywhere. Guide to travel routes. Since 2017, Free Guider has been funded by the 'Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund' to develop a barrier-free lifestyle mobile app. It is a recognized 'social enterprise' under the Council of Hong Kong. The current barrier-free survey covers 400 attractions and more than 5000 friendly restaurants in Hong Kong , Is currently the largest and most complete accessibility information platform in Hong Kong; users can not only browse other user reviews, but also share personal experiences, promote communication between members, help improve and update all accessible information on the website, and actively promote the integration of the disabled . By cooperating with different universities, disability organizations and conscientious companies in Hong Kong to raise public awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, a number of inclusive outings, disability workshops, visits to special organizations, and rehabilitation organizations are different from training and support for the disabled Types of exhibition activities and other categories of activities.

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