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FREE GUIDER is committed to building a barrier-free world, allowing people with disabilities to share their personal experiences with each other, and at the same time assisting them and their relatives and friends in making travel routes so that they can go where they want to go more freely local. Through online and mobile communication platforms, we hope to provide the most comprehensive and accurate accessibility information while allowing the public and society to fully understand the concept and importance of an accessible society, and promote the public to participate in the improvement of barrier-free facilities in the long run. Achieve a barrier-free world.

  FG Introduction

Since 2014, the 'Accessibility Information Network' has used the online platform www.freeguider.com and the mobile app 'Accessible Life' to provide wheelchairs, mobility impaired people and people with different needs. They can find all kinds of barriers anytime and anywhere. Information and guide to travel routes. Wheelchair investigators collect the latest health information and news to investigate the accessibility information of various attractions in Hong Kong, including various major social facilities, such as shopping malls, schools, restaurants, parks, major tourist attractions, and organizations related to barrier-free services. , Committed to building Hong Kong into an inclusive and barrier-free city.

At present, Free Guider has a number of experienced wheelchair investigators who investigate barrier-free facilities in various districts and make recommendations. They have a good understanding of the key points and precautions for wheelchairs or people with reduced mobility. They have also held barrier-free travel experiences for many times and won AM730 , Economic Daily, HK01, Yahoo, and the University of Hong Kong (English newspaper) and many other media interviews to assist the disabled and their relatives and friends to obtain the latest and most reliable rehabilitation information.

Since 2017, Free Guider has been funded by the 'Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Fund' to develop mobile APPS for barrier-free life (the Social Innovation Fund was established by the SAR government in 2012). It is a recognized 'social enterprise' under the Social Council. The survey covers 1,000 attractions and more than 8,000 friendly restaurants in Hong Kong. It is currently the largest and most complete accessible information platform in Hong Kong. Users can browse other user reviews and share their personal experiences at the same time, promote communication between members, and help improve and Update all accessible information on the website, actively promote the integration of the disabled, and increase the public's attention to the needs of people with disabilities through cooperation with different universities, disabled organizations and conscientious companies in Hong Kong.

Our work:
barrier-free survey, covering 18 districts of Hong Kong's attractions and friendly restaurants
Held a number of inclusive outing and disabled workshops
Institutional Special Interview
and rehabilitation organizations to train the disabled and support different types of activities
awards and certifications to recognize 'Quality Accessible Enterprises'

 Mobile Accessibility

 Contact FG

Address: Rm 620, 6/F, Hung To Centre, 94-96 How Ming Street, Kwun Tong

Contact number: 3468-3456

Email: [email protected]


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