【Public Welfare Allowance (General Disability Allowance/High Disability Allowance)】
The Social Security Allowance Scheme provides monthly cash allowances for people with disabilities who are permanent residents of Hong Kong to meet special needs caused by severe disability or old age. This plan includes general disability allowance and high disability allowance.

The above two disability allowances do not require applicants to undergo means test. However, applicants for disability allowance must meet the following conditions:

General disability allowance
• Certified by the Director of Health or the Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority (or a registered doctor in a private hospital in very special circumstances) as severely disabled; and
• His severe disability will last no less than six months.
High disability allowance
• In addition to being eligible for the above-mentioned general disability allowance, it must be confirmed by the Director of Health or the Chief Executive of the Hospital Authority (or in a very special case by a registered doctor in a private hospital) that it needs to be taken care of by others in daily life; and
• Not receiving inpatient care in government-subsidized institutions (including subsidized/contracted institutions and institutions participating in different Bought Place Schemes) or all public hospitals and institutions under the Hospital Authority, or in education Boarding in special schools under the bureau.

Allowance amount (effective from February 1, 2017)
1. Ordinary disability allowance $1,695 per month
2. High disability allowance $3,390 per month

Transportation subsidy
Recipients aged between 12 and 64 who are eligible for disability allowance will receive a monthly transportation subsidy of $270 to encourage them to go out and participate in activities to promote their integration into society. The subsidy will be a flat amount, together with The allowance is distributed to eligible beneficiaries together.

For details on applying for disability allowance, please visit the website of the Social Welfare Department

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