Arts with the Disable Association Hong Kong
Arts with the Disable Association Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Disabled Arts Association is also active in the rehabilitation and art world. It often cooperates with different organizations and individuals to organize various art activities, and is committed to popularizing art to people with disabiliti

The club’s activity strategy can be divided into vertical and horizontal directions:
Horizontal development: Through universal art education and public education, let the public (including disabled and non-disabled people) realize that participation in art is an equal basic right for everyone, and at the same time strive for fair opportunities for people with disabilities to learn and create art.
Vertical development: Provide professional development opportunities to assist individuals with disabilities, so as to cultivate the talents of capable artists and enhance excellence.

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2021-11-03 (Wed)
2021-10-29 (Fri)
[通達節目] RP紀錄劇團《100%香港》
2021-10-24 (Sun)
[通達節目] 中英劇團《穿Kenzo的女人》音樂劇
2021-10-09 (Sat)
[通達節目] 李詩禮兒童及少年合唱團 第一屆周年音樂會:《綠野仙蹤》音樂劇
2021-09-18 (Sat)
[通達節目] 香港話劇團《往大馬士革之路》
2021-09-17 (Fri)
2021-09-03 (Fri)
2021-08-14 (Sat)
2021-08-07 (Sat)
2021-08-01 (Sun)

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