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Committed to building a barrier-free world, allowing people with disabilities to share their personal experiences, and at the same time assisting them and their relatives and friends in making travel routes so that they can go where they want to go more

Through freeguider.com, you can find all kinds of barrier-free information and travel route guides anytime and anywhere, including all kinds of major social facilities, such as shopping malls, schools, restaurants, parks, major tourist attractions, and barrier-free service related organizations.

In addition to providing users with detailed introduction to attractions, transportation and accessibility information, our website also provides accessibility indexes and reviews of various major facilities.

In addition to browsing the comments of other users, users can also share their personal experiences in real time through the social platforms of our website, thereby facilitating communication among members. We also welcome users to provide first-hand experience to help us improve and update all accessible information on the website.

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