Zuide (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a private company that provides point-to-point pick-up services for wheelchair users. It has seven barrier-free taxis that can facilitate wheelchairs to get on and off directly, bringing legal services to wheelchair users

As the popularity of "Drill" rises, drills are also exposed to more and more requests from passengers of different backgrounds and different medical conditions. In order to provide safer transportation more effectively, the largest number of wheelchair users will benefit, if passengers have individual requests , Please explain to the call station team in more detail before making an appointment for "drilling", try to cooperate with the only resources currently available, and also put driving safety and overall fleet operation as the primary consideration. It is hoped that enterprises with social goals that do not receive any government or public funds can continue to operate, so that more wheelchair passengers in need can have a "drilling" experience.

Zhuan’s past efforts have proved that with the spirit of social entrepreneurship and perseverance, the economic ecology can indeed be changed, social needs can be turned into economic power, and barrier-free issues can be promoted with daily life experiences. For example, it has not only changed the operating mode of the taxi industry, but has also brought new inspiration to the world for running social enterprises. Drilling's vision is that more and more barrier-free facilities and services appear, so that issues such as disability and population aging will become the driving force for the advancement of society and create a truly inclusive world.

Service time and area

"Diamond" provides 24-hour service, but you can arrange better service if you make an appointment in advance. We used five "drilled" as the starting point for the experiment. Since the shift locations are concentrated in the Kowloon area, cross-region fees will be charged for routes involving Hong Kong and the New Territories.

Appointment service

Taxi hotline: 2760-8771 (24-hour service)

Point-to-point charge: one-way starting from $115; the call station will quote the customer, or include inter-regional fees
              (If you change the itinerary temporarily, you need to re-quote, otherwise it will be cancelled immediately)

Hourly fee: at least $300 per hour, at least one hour

Airport pick-up: at least HK$550 (not including parking fees and luggage fees)

1. If the passenger cancels within 48 hours of the reserved boarding time, an administrative fee of $100 per one-way trip will be charged.
2. If the cancellation is made within two hours of the scheduled boarding time of "Drilled", the full fare for each one-way trip is required.
3. If you make an appointment for the "drilled" clock for more than two hours, you will need to pay the full fare for cancellation within 48 hours.
4. If the passenger needs to change the reserved time due to an emergency, he must call the reservation hotline 2760-8771 to deal with it directly.
5. The call-hailing station will decide whether to allow the boarding time to be changed according to the situation of the fleet, especially whether the driver can drive safely and pick up passengers on time. The call-hailing station has the right to refuse the request to change the time.
6. If the pick-up is completed before the scheduled time is changed to 4 o'clock on the day, the call station will try its best to arrange but it cannot be absolutely guaranteed. If the change is made more than once, an administrative fee of 100 yuan must be paid.
7. If the scheduled pick-up is delayed until 4pm on the same day, the appointment will be cancelled immediately and full payment must be paid first. Another appointment can be arranged only if there is a bus schedule after 4pm.
8. The company reserves the right to refuse wheelchair passengers to ride alone to ensure safety along the way.
9. In order to encourage passengers to board the bus on time and help the overall operation of the fleet, the driver has the right to charge a waiting fee of at least HK$150 to passengers who are late for more than 15 minutes.

** "Drilled ones" run on electric oil, and the wheelchair takes more time to get on and off, so the operating costs such as fuel and time are higher than ordinary LPG taxis, and the company is entirely privately invested, and there is no government or public agency funding. , The drivers are also self-employed, and the entire team must be self-financing in order to sustain development. When setting fees, factors such as the current prices of similar service providers and the service level of the "drilled" fleet are also taken into consideration.

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