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People with disabilities want to live a normal life and do their best to contribute to society. The goal of the rehabilitation service of the Social Welfare Department is to assist people with disabilities to develop their physical and intellectual.

"Support Plan for Disabled Employees"

The government’s policy objective in assisting people with disabilities in employment is to ensure that they have equal opportunities to participate in productive and remunerative work in the open market. In order to support the employment of persons with disabilities, the Social Welfare Department has launched the "Support Scheme for Disabled Employees" (the "Plan"), which allows employers to apply for a one-off subsidy for each disabled employee to purchase assistive devices and/or modify workplaces to assist disabled employees in Perform duties in the workplace and improve work efficiency.

Degree of funding
The maximum subsidy for each disabled employee is basically 20,000 yuan. According to the special needs of the application case, the "Planning" Committee will consider subsidizing the purchase of a single auxiliary device and its necessary accessories with a value of more than 20,000 yuan within a limit of 40,000 yuan.

Scope of funding
The "Project" has a wide range of subsidies. Assistive devices and modification projects that can meet the special needs of employees with disabilities at work can be considered for subsidy. Funding projects include but are not limited to the following examples: computer accessories or configuration equipment, visual magnifying equipment, hearing aids, braille products, handrails, etc. The Social Welfare Department has set up a "Plan" committee to approve all funding applications.

"Plan" Management Organization
The Social Welfare Department has entrusted Po Leung Kuk to serve as the "Project" management agency to assist in the management and promotion of the "Project", provide consultation and follow-up services, and submit evaluations and suggestions for the "Project" application, so that the "Project" committee will approve the application For reference at the time.

The applicant organization of the "Plan" must be an employer of persons with disabilities, and be recommended and referred by the following referral agencies:

(a) Non-governmental organizations funded by the Social Welfare Department to provide vocational rehabilitation services;
NGOs that are subsidized by the Employees Retraining Board and run training courses for people with disabilities or recovering work-related injuries;

(c) Selective Placement Division of the Labour Department;
(d) Vocational Training Council; or
(e) "Plan" management agency (Po Leung Kuk).

How to apply
(a) The Social Welfare Department will invite applications for the "Project" through newspapers, the website of the Social Welfare Department, and letters to relevant agencies every quarter;
(b) The applicant organization must submit an application in a specific form and send it to the Social Welfare Department through the referral agency;
(c) Employers of persons with disabilities can consult the "Plan" management agency (Po Leung Kuk) on how to deal with cases with special needs;
(d) No fees will be charged for the application.

Application deadline
The deadline for this application is April 22, 2016.

For details of the plan, please contact the office of the Po Leung Kuk "Support Scheme for Employees with Disabilities":
Phone: 3980 9677
Email: [email protected]
Fax: 3980 9633


Information Document of "Support Scheme for Employees with Disabilities"
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Attachment 1: "Support Scheme for Employees with Disabilities" Application Form
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Annex 2: Reference List of Funded Projects of the "Support Scheme for Employees with Disabilities"
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