Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth
Hong Kong Federation of Handicapped Youth
The Hong Kong Disabled Youth Association (referred to as the Disabled Youth Association) was established in 1970. It is a government-registered charitable organization managed and decided by the disabled.

In 1978, the Association set up a head office and activity center in Lam Tin Village. Later, due to the reconstruction of Lantian Village, it was moved to the current site of Hengtou Hom Village in 1992.

As a self-help organization with the longest history in Hong Kong serving the physically handicapped community, in addition to providing services funded by the Social Welfare Department, the association also continues to develop various innovative services and businesses that meet the needs of people with disabilities.

At present, the services provided by the association include the Jockey Club Activity Center, Employment Service Center, Stanley Kinetic Hall and Stanley Bradbury Swimming House, etc.; and social enterprise projects include Creative Vision Design and Shuangqing Flower Art House.

Through the implementation of the above-mentioned services and businesses, we are committed to helping people with disabilities rebuild their self-confidence, build social networks, improve work skills and employment opportunities, and make it easier for them to integrate into the community.

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