【Special Education】

Everyone needs and has the right to receive education, but some people with disabilities have difficulty enrolling in ordinary schools due to their own barriers. Therefore, the government has various special education policies and special schools for those with severe disabilities that cannot study in mainstream education. Education is provided to students to help them integrate into the community. Under the current education policy, the Education Bureau will refer students with severe or multiple disabilities to special schools based on professional assessments/recommendations and parents’ wishes to receive enhanced support services, while other students with special educational needs will Can be admitted to ordinary schools.

To learn more about Hong Kong's special education policies and arrangements, please visit the Education Bureau website

【Employment Development Program】

The Employment Development Program launched by the Selective Placement Division of the Labour Department aims to encourage employers to hire people with disabilities by providing wage subsidies to employers, and to provide pre-employment training for job-seekers with disabilities. In order to improve the chances of job-seekers with disabilities being employed by participating employers, the Employment Officer of the Selective Placement Division will advise disabled persons to participate in short-term pre-employment training courses under the plan to help them master interview skills and interpersonal/communication skills. Job-seekers with disabilities who have completed pre-employment training will receive a training allowance of RMB 60 per day.

For more information about the Employment Development Program, please visit the website of the Selective Employment Division of the Labour Department

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