Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong
Association of Women with Disabilities Hong Kong
The Hong Kong Association for Women with Disabilities (referred to as Women with Disabilities) is the first self-help organization in Hong Kong that focuses on the rights and interests of women with disabilities. The first International Women’s Day for


The establishment of women with disabilities hopes to improve and maintain the social status of the disabled and improve their quality of life, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of "helping others help themselves and building a community together."

The Asian Women’s Development Association is committed to improving the status of all women with disabilities in order to improve their social status and quality of life. Its ultimate goal is to "realize self-reliance and build a civic community for all."

1. Equal opportunities and due rights for people with disabilities in society

2. Adolescent women with disabilities are independent

3. Contact different types of disabled women and establish a support network

4. Promote international exchanges and contacts between women with disabilities

1. Fight for equal rights and opportunities for women with disabilities

2. Promote independent living of disabled women

3. Establish a support network for women with different types of disabilities

4. Liaise and cooperate with overseas organizations to improve women with disabilities

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