Make a gorgeous debut as a one-day stage queen (July 2021)
Make a gorgeous debut as a one-day stage queen (July 2021)

Activity date : 2021-07-16 (Fri)

Activity time : 12:00 - 15:00

Location :
Whampoa Hung Hom Art Fair

Organiser : 香港女障協進會

Quota : 10

Toll : HKD 800.00

Contact person : Miss Wan

Contact number : 5996 1335

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Activity description :

A meaningful charity luncheon, helping a group of disabled women to be the queen of stage for a day!!

Health is really priceless
However, a simple method of health management-measuring health index, is difficult to achieve in the world of people with disabilities.

To help members of the Hong Kong Association for Women with Disabilities have the opportunity to manage their health normally and measure their own health indicators correctly, the TAG Label Positive Association and the Business Lady Association will co-organize the "Being the Queen of the Stage" Disabled Women's Clothing Show and Charity Fundraising activities.

The fundraising goal is to purchase an electronic wheelchair measuring instrument for the Hong Kong Women's Handicapped Association. At the same time, it is hoped that women with disabilities can regain their confidence through the "Being the Queen of Stage for a Day" activity. Let the charity become more meaningful, hoping to work together to arouse the community's attention to women with disabilities in Hong Kong. This is Hong Kong’s first catwalk show for people with disabilities, inviting 10 members of the Women’s Handicap Association to participate. With the strong assistance of various sponsors, they transformed themselves and stepped onto the stage to be the coveted model experience of the day. On the same day, Huiyan Yaji was invited to serve as the jury.

Remarks :

Entering December, but seeing that the epidemic is not easing, BLA decided to postpone the Catwalk Charity Luncheon for Women with Disabilities to March. The date will be updated later.

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