Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong
Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong
The Richmond Fellowship of Hong Kong was established in 1984 as a non-profit making registered charity. It is affiliated to the Richmond Fellowship International, a world-wide network of self-governing non-profit organization which shares the common aim o


-The purpose of this association is to promote community mental health and community care services.
-Provide support and rehabilitation services for mentally and emotionally troubled people.

-Provide comprehensive community-based mental health services to patients with mental illness and the community.
-Continuously improve existing services and develop new service models to respond to the needs of service users.
-Encourage service users to participate in the formulation of institutional policies and the provision of services.
-Provide training and professional advice for the development of mental health services.

-Become a community mental health organization that values service user participation, leadership and innovation.

-Whole person
-Knowledge and expertise

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