Alliance for Patients' Mutual Help Organizations
Alliance for Patients' Mutual Help Organizations
The Hong Kong Alliance of Patient Organizations (formerly known as the Alliance of Patient Mutual Aid Organizations, established in 1993) is a consortium of dozens of self-help organizations for chronically ill patients of different diseases.

"Alliance" was registered by the Societies Registry in November 1992 and was formally established on February 27, 1993; by 2013, the company registration was completed and it is now the Hong Kong Federation of Social Service It is a member organization of the Association and approved as a charity by the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. There are currently forty-four group members, including more than 40,000 members. Now "Alliance" has a full-time staff to handle the daily operations of "Alliance".

The "Alliance" emblem is made of six arrows around a heart shape, symbolizing the gathering of the strength of all parties, so that chronically ill patients can receive more ideal services. At the same time, the arrow hides a two-way meaning, which means that after receiving support, chronically ill patients will be able to use their abilities, make contributions, and give back to the society.

Purpose of "Alliance"
1. Give full play to the spirit of mutual assistance and encourage each other;
2. Promote communication and mutual adaptation between patients and relatives and friends;
3. Advocate the acceptance and care of patients by the government and the general public;
4. Strive for the reasonable rights and interests of patients.

What is a patient self-help organization?

The patient self-help organization is an organization composed of a group of sick patients and their families. The operation of the organization is mainly shared by patients, and through sharing experience and related information, mutual support among patients is achieved, so that patients can actively face patients and adaptation problems. As the saying goes, "a long-term illness becomes a doctor." Patients have accumulated a lot of valuable experience during the course of illness. Sharing among patients helps to exchange experience, enhances patients' understanding of the care and treatment of the disease, and effectively controls the condition. Moreover, the feelings of patients are often difficult for professionals to understand. Patient self-help organizations not only share practical experience, but also relieve emotions and establish mutual support.

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G/F, Wang Lai Building, Wang Tau Hom Village, Kowloon, transferred to Hong Kong Alliance of Patient Organizations Ltd
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