The Hong Kong Stroke Association
The Hong Kong Stroke Association
For stroke patients and their families, how to face and cope with the changes after stroke is difficult. A group of stroke patients initiated the organization of a mutual aid society for stroke patients and their families.

The birth of the Xinjian Club gave stroke patients or their family members an opportunity to gather together to discuss and face the difficulties caused by the stroke according to the needs of the members, give full play to the spirit of mutual assistance and self-help among members, and actively participate in the rehabilitation process. ,

Reinvest in the community. They often organize themselves or provide cultural and recreational activities for stroke patients, and visit hospitals across Hong Kong who have just had a stroke to give them encouragement and confidence.

After nearly years of development, the members have spread all over Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories. In order to better display the spirit of self-help and mutual assistance and maintain the patients and their families in various regions, under the Executive Committee, there are six sub-regions: Kowloon East, Kowloon West, New Territories West, New Territories North, New Territories East and Hong Kong Island. Each district has a different meeting place.

Managed by the Central Executive Committee, members belong to different districts and also participate in monthly meetings of different districts. The district committees organize activities in each district on their own. The central government also organizes community-wide activities. Under each district, there is a district committee responsible for planning and promoting the contacts and activities of the members of the district.

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