Hong Kong Neuro-Muscular Disease Association
Hong Kong Neuro-Muscular Disease Association
Hong Kong Neuro-Muscular Disease Association is a mutual aid organization for patients with neuro-muscular diseases and their families. The association was formerly a mutual aid group under the Community Rehabilitation Network of the Hong Kong Society.

Purpose of the Association:

‧Committed to improving the quality of life of patients with neuro-muscular diseases

‧The strength of uniting patients and their families

‧Create a favorable social environment for patients

Our goal:

‧Introduce the latest medical information and community resources.

‧Promote emotional support between patients and their families, help and encourage each other, and share the experience of treatment, rehabilitation and life.

‧Assist relevant service units to provide rehabilitation and social psychology services.

‧ Strive for the attention of the medical profession and assist relevant parties in the research and development of drugs and treatment methods.

‧Gather strength, reflect the needs of members, and strive for the reasonable distribution of social resources and equal opportunities.

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Contact us:
G/F, Wang Lai Building, Wang Tau Hom Village, Kowloon (Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation Community Rehabilitation Network)
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