The Association was established in April 2007. It is a non-profit self-help charity dedicated to patients with cerebellar atrophy and their families. It upholds the spirit of self-help and mutual assistance and encourages members to work hard to live ou

Purpose of the Association
1. Give full play to the spirit of mutual assistance of patients with cerebellar atrophy and their families
2. Face up to the needs of patients in life, emotions and soul
3. Promote the public's awareness and care of cerebellar atrophy
4. Raise the medical community's attention to cerebellar atrophy
5. Caring for the welfare and reasonable rights of patients with cerebellar atrophy

Member category
All patients with cerebellar atrophy and their immediate family members who have reached the age of 18 can become basic members of the Association. Volunteers and community members who agree with the purpose of the association and abide by the constitution of the association can apply to become ordinary members of the association. Voluntary consultants invited by the Association can become honorary members of the Association. All members who join the association must be approved by the executive committee of the association.

Meeting matters
· Mutual assistance sharing, caring visits
· Special lectures, sports activities
· Information exchange, training courses
· Encourage participation in society and inclusive of the disabled
· Pay attention to medical policies and patient rights

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