Hong Kong Rehabilitation Force was established in 1995 as a charity rehabilitation service organization registered in Hong Kong. Initially, the service targets were mainly physically disabled, and later expanded to hearing impaired, chronically ill and

Training and Employment Department

The association has set up an "Employment Training Center for People with Disabilities" to allow trainees to receive professional training to prepare for active employment and integration into society. Provide students with the following four services:

1. Assisted Employment Service
2. Employment training plan
3. Training courses for the "Manpower Development Plan" of the Employees Retraining Board
4. "Lijing Store", Rehabilitation Partner Center of the Ministry of Training and Employment

Social Enterprise Department

With the goal of motivating the development of people with disabilities, through hiring people with disabilities, the two major social enterprise projects are operated in a business model to help them integrate into society. "Vitality Communication" mainly provides services such as telephone hotline, packaging, leaflet distribution and administrative work; while "Vitality Store" includes convenience stores located in Sha Tin Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital, Lai King Building and Kwong Wah Hospital, while in North Lantau In addition to the convenience store, the hospital opened its first vitality coffee shop in November 2016, selling light meals and specialty coffee.

Conference Development Department

Actively promote cooperation with schools, enterprises and social welfare organizations in Hong Kong. Not only do we regularly organize diversified "Community Inclusion Activities" and "Member Activities", but also organize volunteer teams to participate in activities planned by friendly organizations. Through different forms of performances, such as singing sign language songs, twisting balloons or playing Chinese music, etc., let the public know more about the needs of people with disabilities and encourage them to integrate into society.

Large-scale charity fund-raising activities are organized every year, including the "Rehabilitation Forces Inclusion Day" held in Victoria Park for two consecutive days, the "Rehabilitation Forces Working Talent Election" and "Flag Raising Fundraising" to promote the disabled The message of communion and equality praises their self-improvement spirit. The funds raised are used to promote vocational training and open employment for people with disabilities.

In addition, Power Magazine, published in the form of a bimonthly, contains all-inclusive content, providing the latest information and activity highlights of the association. We also encourage all members to contribute and use text to communicate with all fellow travelers.

There are currently more than 2,000 members and more than 1,000 volunteers.

The philosophy of the association: promote injury-building and inclusiveness, and create equal opportunities.

The mission of the association: to encourage the development of people with disabilities, train people with disabilities, establish positive thinking, promote the development of social enterprises, and encourage self-reliance.

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