Hong Kong Paralympic Committee
The predecessor of the association was the "Hong Kong Sports Association for the Disabled". It was formed in 1972 under the leadership of Professor Fang Xinrang and a group of enthusiastic rehabilitation workers. The purpose is to systematically organiz

In 2005, the association changed its name to "Hong Kong Paralympic Committee and Sports Association for the Disabled".

It is the only Hong Kong recognized by the International Paralympic Committee as a local Olympic committee for the disabled. It is responsible for selecting Hong Kong team athletes to participate in the disabled.

The Olympic Games and various international and regional events recognized by the International Paralympic Committee.

The association has been committed to promoting Hong Kong's Paralympic athletes to create sports achievements, and actively promote the development of local sports for the disabled.

As a local non-profit-making sports organization, whether it has been organizing large-scale local international events or investing more resources to improve the level of athletes, the association is fortunate to have received support from all walks of life and the public, and through various forms of sponsorship, Hong Kong athletes with disabilities can continue Achieve outstanding achievements in the international sports arena.

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