Shine Skills Centre
Shine Skills Centre
Zhanliang Skills Development Center is a member of the Vocational Training Council (VTC). It is a major organization that provides vocational training for people with disabilities aged 15 or above to assist them in open employment. Chin Liang Skills D

The teaching language of the center is Cantonese and related teaching materials are mainly Chinese. If necessary, the center can provide relevant English notes. If you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact the staff of the secretariat of the Centre (Telephone: Chin Liang Skills Development Centre (Kwun Tong): 2270 0900 / Chin Liang Skills Development Centre (Tuen Mun): 2452 8901 / Chin Liang Skills Development Centre (Pok Fu Lam) ): 2538 3292).

Zhanliang Career Assessment Service

Special career assessment (3 days)
The main service targets of the special occupational assessment are those aged 15 or above:
1. Special school leavers
2. Workers in sheltered workshops, assisted employees, trainees in day training centers or day training centers, and applicants waiting for the above services
3. Any person with a disability who is interested in enrolling in part-time courses provided by Zhanliang Skills Development Center and high school applied learning adjustment courses.
Evaluation content:
‧ Aptitude test
‧ Muscle energy test
‧ Interest test
‧ Basic knowledge test of daily life
‧ Subject Test

Comprehensive career assessment (11 days)
If they are not the service targets mentioned above, other persons with disabilities aged 15 or above in need can apply for comprehensive career assessment services. This is a comprehensive assessment service that integrates professionals such as psychologists, doctors, dedicated education directors, social workers, enabled employment directors, occupational therapists, and senior tutors, to conduct assessments for people with disabilities in groups and individuals.
Evaluation content:
‧ Physical assessment
‧ Job evaluation
‧ Individual interviews (understand background, discuss work expectations and interests)
‧ Subject Test
‧ Aptitude test
‧ Muscle energy test
‧ Interest test
‧Basic knowledge test of daily life
Download service application form:
Chin Liang Skills Development Center Course/Career Assessment Application Form (PDF format)

*Please note: Zhanliang Career Assessment Service only accepts cases referred by agencies.


Center and facilities

Chin Liang Skills Development Centre (Kwun Tong)
487 Kwun Tong Road, Kowloon
Phone: 2270 0900
Fax: 2357 4042
Email: [email protected]

Chin Liang Skills Development Center (Pok Fu Lam) 4th Floor
147 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
Phone: 2538 3292
Fax: 2538 3299
Email: [email protected]

Chin Liang Skills Development Centre (Tuen Mun)
1 Fung On Street, Tuen Mun, New Territories
Phone: 2452 8901
Fax: 2457 6207
Email: [email protected]


Boarding facility

The Chin Liang Skills Development Centre (Tuen Mun) provides residential services to enable students to master social skills in an interactive living environment and develop their independence and self-care skills. The center has 12 independent dormitories, providing 120 accommodation places. Each dormitory has basic facilities such as a living and dining room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.

The center encourages residents to read and participate in various chess and ball activities, and make good use of their leisure time. The center also organizes interest groups for the residents, such as gardening classes, drama classes, cooking classes and handicraft classes to help them cultivate their temperament. In addition, the instructor will regularly lead the residents to visit the nearby community facilities, participate in various cultural and recreational activities, and organize parties and travels for the residents.

Students who live in the dormitory must pay the accommodation fee, and those with financial difficulties can apply for the accommodation fee reduction plan

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