CareER (pronounced as “Care-E-R”) stands for Care in Education and Recruitment. It was established in 2013 by three founders and a group of passionate higher educated persons with disabilities and Special Educational Needs (SENs), aiming to create a chari

CareER is a peer-to-peer mutual assistance platform that will become a bridge in the student union and alumni association, because every college student with disabilities is very capable.

They are definitely not just recipients, they should maintain and influence each other. In addition, CareER's main job is job matching. Traditional social welfare organizations provide less employment support for the disabled with high education. CareER is to make up for this gap.

CareER will look for a job that suits everyone according to their abilities, confidence and career direction. When necessary, it will arrange for them to do internships and then match jobs. It is the first organization to customize career matching based on personal abilities.

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