cwheelchair was founded in 2007. The team has a number of professional qualifications covering mechanical, industrial, electronic engineering, design, ergonomics, occupational and physical therapy, etc, so that customers can provide the most suitable.

Cwheelchair and mobility assistance products are all original products and meet a number of international certification standards such as: FDA, CE, IOS, etc... We select high-quality products from all over the world, so that customers can choose safe and quality-assured products product.

The international certificates of the products are transparent, and the relevant certificates are listed in the introduction of each product. We are the first company in Hong Kong to set up a large-scale wheelchair repair workshop. Repair equipment and accessories are all available. Licensed masters stay in the workshop, the price Transparent, no hidden charges.

In terms of time, the basic maintenance is completed on the same day. There is no need to return to the factory or go to the designated maintenance point like the maintenance process in the shop, and the time may vary from two weeks to two months.

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