1st Step Association
1st Step Association is a non-profit-making mutual aid group composed of social workers, doctors, lawyers, and work-injury workers. It mainly serves people and their families who are seriously disabled due to work-related injuries or other matters.

1st Step Association provides consultation and support services for people with severe physical disabilities due to work-related injuries and their families.

In just four years, it has been established to provide services to more than one hundred friends who are disabled due to serious work-related injuries and other accidents.

The scope includes labor law consultation on work-related injury compensation. , Rehabilitation support, housing facilities, and even emotional counseling, etc., to make them free from misfortune and face the current life...

Service object

The purpose of this association is to mainly serve people who are severely physically disabled due to work-related injuries, and to provide them with one-stop consultation and support services.

In addition, we also link up with different groups in society from time to time to carry out empowerment work, and our rights groups are also committed to fighting for the rights that people with disabilities deserve.

With regard to the issues of employee compensation and occupational safety, this Council will also address Relevant authorities have reflected the abuses in social policies and strived for reasonable job protection for all working people in Hong Kong.

Funding plan

The Association does not have continuous funding support, and mainly relies on donations from enthusiastic people and application for funds as funds for implementation activities and administrative work.

Purpose of the Association

1. Assist people who are disabled due to work-related injuries and other accidents to obtain reasonable compensation.
2. Provide professional advice on medical, legal and social services to people who are disabled due to work-related injuries and other accidents and their families, so as to help the disabled recover as soon as possible and the whole family can adapt as soon as possible.
3. Provide preventive knowledge to the general public.
4. Encourage the disabled and their families to set up support self-help groups.

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