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Accessibility Index
Attractions Evaluation
The entrance and exit are equipped with manual doors, or there are steps, or the width is not suitable, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility must be assisted by others
The passage is high or low or has a few steps, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility must be assisted by others
There is no need or a wide drop lift to reach all floors, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility can use them alone
The staff are kind and courteous, and can provide help and assistance for wheelchairs/persons with disabilities
Space channels are narrow, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility must assist others

suitable category

  • Physical Disability
  • Manual wheelchair
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Wheelchair companion
  • Visually impaired people
  • Elderly
  • Pregnant woman
  • Family family
  • Couple
  • Photoman

Local Facilities

  •   Guide Dogs are welcome
  •   Available by subway (within 15 minutes walk)
  •   Bus reachable (within 15 minutes walk)


Three houses was originally a fenced village with a history of more than 200 years. It is one of the oldest fenced villages in Hong Kong. It was listed as a statutory monument in 1981. The museum covers an area of about 2,000 square meters. The building layout is like a chessboard and is symmetrical. The front hall, middle hall and ancestral hall were built on the central axis. On both sides are four independent bedrooms, and the horizontal houses on the left, right and back surround the whole village. In June 2016, the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office established the "Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Center" at the San Tung Uk Museum as its display and education center to promote intangible cultural heritage by organizing educational activities and exhibitions.

Accessibility description

There are only a few barrier-free facilities, and only a small part of the design considers the needs of wheelchairs/persons with reduced mobility. The three houses have only one floor. Most places have narrow access roads, but wheelchairs/persons with reduced mobility can still enter and exit. In addition, most places have stairs without ramps, which are very suitable for wheelchairs/persons with reduced mobility. inconvenient.

 FG Tips

There is only an exhibition hall in the Sam Tong Uk Museum. The staff can use the temporary inclined platform to enter, but there is no way to enter the other places.

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Relevant information

Monday, Wednesday to Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Christmas Eve and Chinese New Year's Eve 10 am to 5 pm

Closed on Tuesdays (except public holidays), the first and second days of the Lunar New Year


Address : 2 Kwu Uk Lane, Tsuen Wan, Kowloon

Enquiries : 2411-2001

Website :

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Traffic Information

Accessibility Index
- There are a lot of bus routes to reach
Meeting Facilities
Take the MTR to Tsuen Wan Station and follow the instructions to arrive in about 15 minutes.

Meeting Facilities


- The Sandongwu Museum has 1 main entrance and there is no ramp connection at the entrance, which is not suitable for wheelchairs/persons with reduced mobility
- Visitors with wheelchairs/handicapped can be assisted by museum staff.

Channel design

- As the museum is a historical building, the original design and some passages are relatively narrow, but it is still accessible for wheelchairs/persons with reduced mobility
- The three houses have only one floor, but due to the old design, there are ladders at the door, which makes it a little inconvenient for people with wheelchairs/handicapped to enter and exit
- There are stairs in a few places
- The ramp is fairly flat, most of the places can be visited by people with wheelchairs/handicapped


- San Tung Uk Museum does not have accessible toilets


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