Po Toi O

Venue: Po Toi O| Accessibility classification: Featured attractions | Accessibility information: Po Toi O insufficient barrier-free

Accessibility Index
Attractions Evaluation
The entrance and exit are equipped with manual doors, and the width is roughly suitable for wheelchairs to pass through, some of which may require assistance from others
The passage is high or low or has a few steps, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility must be assisted by others
There is no need or a wide drop lift to reach all floors, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility can use them alone
Space channels are narrow, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility must assist others

suitable category

  • Family family
  • Physical Disability
  • Elderly
  • Couple
  • Photoman
  • Pregnant woman

Local Facilities

  •   Bus reachable (within 30 minutes walk)


Po Toi O is located in the southern part of the Clearwater Bay Peninsula. It is a beautiful bay. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and its outlet is relatively narrow. From a distance, it looks like a big cloth bag, so it is called "Po Toi O". Budai Australia has become a popular seafood-eating place in Hong Kong in recent years.

Accessibility description

There are insufficient barrier-free facilities at Po Toi O in Sai Kung. There are ramps at the entrance of the village, but the access to the village is relatively narrow. It is more difficult for wheelchair users to enter and leave alone. There are a lot of uneven passages in the village, but there are only a few uneven places with ramps, and the ramps are relatively steep, wheelchair users are not recommended to go alone.

 FG Tips

Sai Kung Po Tai O is a small village with no barrier-free facilities at all. It is recommended that wheelchair users do not go alone.

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Relevant information

Address : Po Toi O

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Traffic Information

Accessibility Index
- Only a small number of bus routes can be reached or it takes more than 20 minutes to walk to get off the subway
1) Po Lam
Meeting Facilities
MTR Po Lam Station Exit B, go to the bus terminus and take the minibus No. 16 to the terminus and get off.

Meeting Facilities


- The drop off point of Po Toi O Minibus Terminus is at the entrance of  Po Toi O Village, with ramps but narrow access to the village

Channel Design

- Most of the passages in Po Toi O Village are relatively narrow, making it difficult for wheelchair users to enter and exit
- There are a lot of uneven passages, but only a small number of uneven places are equipped with ramps, and the ramps are steeper, and wheelchair users cannot get on and off alone


- There are no accessible toilets in Po Toi Village


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