The Hong Kong Handicap Association Jockey Club Camp for the Disabled was built in 1979. It is a modern barrier-free facility that brings a brand new camp experience to the disabled and the able-bodied. The camp has convenient transportation. The camp is equipped with a comprehensive audio-visual system, diversified sports training facilities, including a multi-functional audio-visual auditorium, multi-purpose activity room, meeting room, barrier-free climbing wall, IPSC indoor air gun shooting room, fitness room, Table tennis room, billiard room, wheelchair fencing room, basketball court, badminton court, swimming pool, restaurant, and comfortable accommodation facilities. The accommodation rooms are equipped with barrier-free toilets and bathrooms. For individual sports, there are professional instructors to guide the disabled and the able-bodied.

The camp was re-developed under the sponsorship of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. The brand new camp was completed in 2015. The camping capacity has increased to 124 people and the day camp has 160 people, serving people with different needs. The camp also regularly organizes various themed activities, including health education camps, adventure growth training camps, guided organic planting camps, self-care camps for children, guided pastoral tours and garden cooking camps, and cultural and ecological tours in Pokfulam.

All day camps and residential camps accept applications from any private, industrial and commercial organization and non-profit organization. Applications can be submitted 6 months before the camp period. If the number of camping days is 100 or more, the application can be submitted 12 months before the camping period. Detailed enquiries: Hong Kong Handicap Association Jockey Club Handicap Camp

Address: 75 Reservoir Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Phone: 2551-4209

Fax: 2550-2384

Email: [email protected]

Website: jcpc.hkphab.org.hk

Facebook: Hong Kong Handicap Association Jockey Club Handicap Camp

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