TREATS is the name of an organization. This organization believes in the value of communion. We were established in 1979 as a registered charity and non-governmental organization in Hong Kong, the Community Chest of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Council.

As a pioneer of children's inclusive activities, we have been through specially designed inclusive activities and games to allow children and young people of different abilities and backgrounds to come together, learn from each other, appreciate each other, and promote the development of personal and group education.

Service goal
‧ Give all children a chance to contact and experience communion. Let different children participate, interact, and get acquainted on an equal footing, promote understanding and acceptance, and build an inclusive next generation.
‧ Assist children with special needs to develop their potential, improve social skills, meet new friends and integrate into the community.
‧ Educate and change society's understanding and importance of communion.
‧ Promote children's rights and social participation.

Service object
All children and adolescents and their families, especially children who are blocked due to ability and background:

‧ Intellectual, physical, emotional and social barriers
‧ Comprehensive ability barriers, learning difficulties
‧ New arrivals and ethnic minorities residing in Hong Kong
‧ one-parent family
‧ Low-income or poor families

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