St.James' Settlement
St.James' Settlement is a diversified social service organization that provides high-quality comprehensive services to people with different needs in the community. It helps others by self-help, so as to build an integrated and harmonious society.

St. James’ Settlement was founded in 1949 by the Anglican Church Governor He Minghua and enthusiasts.

The original name was "St. James’ Children’s Club". It started to promote children's work in a side hall of the Beidi Temple on Shishuiqu Street. A six-storey clubhouse was built in Kennedy Road in 1963.

The services have gradually become diversified, from children and youth services to elderly and rehabilitation services. In 1987, the General Assembly on Stone Shui Qu Street was completed and opened.

In 1990, the first service unit outside Wan Chai, which is now called the "Central and Western District Elderly District Center", was opened. Later, other new service units were gradually developed, mainly located on the north shore of Hong Kong Island, from Western District to Chai Wan, with a total of more than 20 units. Provide services to people in different regions.

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