The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (hereinafter referred to as the Social Federation) is a federation organization representing non-governmental social service organizations.

Since the 1970s, the Hong Kong Council of Social Welfare has become an important partner of the government in the development of social welfare. Currently, the HKCSS has more than 400 institutional members, and they provide 90% of the social welfare services to the people of Hong Kong through more than 3,000 service units.

Social union work

Aiming at important social issues, through data collection, investigation and research, and grasping the observations of institutional members and the opinions of relevant persons, we advocate social policies and service development. At the same time, by establishing a practical non-governmental sector, promoting international and regional cooperation, advocating caring for society, corporate social responsibility and a culture of charity, we and our members can effectively promote excellent and innovative services and respond to the rapidly changing social needs.

In addition, we represent the industry to attend more than 60 government, statutory and civil society committees, covering social welfare, civil affairs, housing, environment, education, law, medical and health, security, anti-drug, information technology, urban renewal, etc. . The Social Council is also a special consultative capacity of the United Nations Economic and Social Committee.

Rehabilitation Service

The HKCSS provides a collaborative platform to promote the development of local rehabilitation work. In addition, the HKCSS also actively promotes the implementation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Hong Kong to ensure that people with disabilities enjoy equal rights, freedom and dignity, including promoting employment and barrier-free environments for people with disabilities.

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