Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong
Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong
Rehabilitation Alliance Hong Kong fights for equal opportunities and full participation of people with disabilities.

Kangmeng believes that by uniting people with different types of disabilities, a representative voice will be produced. Kangmeng not only participates in the formulation of service policies for people with disabilities, but also pays attention to general social policies. Most of the members of Kangmeng are people with disabilities.

Their disability includes physical disability, visual impairment, hearing impairment, intellectual disability, mental rehabilitation and chronic illness.

In order to fight for the rights of people with disabilities, Kangmeng participates in different conferences and seminars, dialogues with responsible units and joint efforts with other organizations to fight for the rights of people with disabilities. In the days to come, Kangmeng will continue to express the views of people with disabilities on issues such as community facilities, transportation services, retirement protection, and rehabilitation policies.

Kangmeng implements its mission through the following channels:

1. Share our knowledge, experience and views on disability issues

2. Attend seminars, lectures, forums and other activities to express the opinions of people with disabilities on rehabilitation and other related policies;

3. To publicize the rights of persons with disabilities to the public;

4. Participate in the formulation of rehabilitation policies and monitor the provision of existing services;

5. Conduct research that can implement the purpose of Kangmeng;

6. Cooperate with other organizations to promote the purpose of Kangmeng; and

7. Liaise and establish relationships with organizations in mainland China and overseas that uphold the same purpose.

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