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The Hong Kong Jockey Club Shenzhen Rehabilitation Club Yikang Home is a home for the elderly and a rehabilitation home. It is a non-profit-making comprehensive home that integrates care and attention, Chinese and Western rehabilitation therapy, and health

The Yikangyuan was generously funded by the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and the operation and management of the Hong Kong Rehabilitation Club was in charge of it. Construction began in 2002 and operations began in 2006. The Yikangyuan covers an area of ​​27,000 square meters and a construction area of ​​13,000 square meters. It includes a 6-story main building and 36 independent villa-style houses. It provides a total of 350 residential places and various types of rehabilitation facilities. The per capita living area is up to 37 square meters.

Accommodation (Care and Attention Home)
-Residents can choose 2-person rooms, 3-person rooms, 4-person rooms and independent villas according to their affordability.
-After evaluation, the residential house will arrange for residents with dementia (formerly known as Alzheimer's disease) to stay in Yazhi Pavilion on the first floor. Yazhi Court is specially designed for dementia patients. The floors are specially designed and arranged.
-Provide a comfortable and safe space for activities. At the same time, the Social Work Department arranges daily group activities to help them improve their cognitive abilities through training and facilities.

Nursing (Care and Attention Homes)
-Professional nurses and care workers provide residents with 24-hour nursing and daily life care.
-According to the residents' self-care ability, the nursing service is divided into four levels: self-care, semi-care, full care and special care.

Rehabilitation treatment (care and attention homes)
-In addition to self-care residents, the resident therapist arranges 4 rehabilitation treatments (including physical therapy and occupational therapy) for residents every week to help residents improve their health and enhance their self-care and activity abilities.
-In accordance with the needs and wishes of the residents, arrange additional rehabilitation treatments (such as acupuncture, massage, foot bath, etc.) for the residents.

Medical Services (Care and Attention Homes)
-Use transit hospital vehicles to pick up Hong Kong residents back to Hong Kong hospital for follow-up consultation and continue to enjoy Hong Kong medical services
-Resident doctors provide basic diagnosis and treatment and health check-ups for residents, combining Chinese and Western medical methods.
-The nurses manage the residents' medicines and personally dispense the medicines every day, and set up a safe dispensing program to avoid the wrong medicine.
-According to the wishes of the family members, when necessary, the residents of Yantian District Hospital will be arranged for treatment
-A consensus has been established with the Hong Kong Hospital Authority. If the residents in Hong Kong agree, the follow-up location can be transferred to the North District Hospital to save transportation time. It has also reached a consensus with the Yantian District Hospital to charge domestic residents to provide medical care for residents service.
-In case of emergencies, first arrange residents to go to the emergency room of Yantian District Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. After the condition is stabilized, according to the wishes of the family, arrange ambulances from the two places to transport the residents back to the emergency department of Hong Kong North District Hospital. Accompanying care.

Social work services (care and attention homes)
-Regularly arrange group or group activities for residents to help residents integrate into the hospital life, promote mutual assistance and cooperation between residents, and improve the quality of life of residents.
-Arrange supermarket shopping and tea-drinking activities in tea houses every week, allowing residents to participate freely.
-Provide counseling services for residents with emotional problems to help residents recover their emotional health.
-Regularly arrange volunteers to visit the residents and arrange activities for the residents.
-Maintain communication with the family members of the residents and collect their opinions.

Contact with family members (care and attention homes)
-Residents’ family members can propose to the hospital to arrange for the residents to have a video meeting with their family members in Hong Kong, so that the residents can maintain communication with their families.
-Accommodation is available, and family members are welcome to stay for a short stay to accompany the residents.
-Set up an office in Hong Kong and have a dedicated person to contact the family, so that the family can understand the situation of the residents.

Application Method (Care and Attention Home)
-Download the check-in application form, fill it in and return it by fax, email or post, regardless of age
-Download the medical examination report. Applicants must arrange the medical examination by themselves or the hospital will arrange for a registered doctor to perform the medical examination, and return it after filling in
-To evaluate the applicant to determine the level of care, and then notify the applicant of the result
-Telephone enquiries: 2816 7866 (Hong Kong) or 755-2528 2528 (domestic)

Fees (Care and Attention Homes)
-The monthly fee includes three parts: hospitalization, nursing care and meal expenses.
-Hospitalization fee: There are different charges for beds in 2-person rooms, 3-person rooms, 4-person rooms and villas.
-Nursing fee: It is determined according to the degree of care required by the residents. Self-care workers do not need to charge nursing fees, and the rest are divided into three levels of nursing fees: semi-care, full-care and special care.
-Meal fee: All residents are invited to pay a flat meal fee for four meals a day (breakfast, lunch, evening and supper).
-Please download the fee schedule for the latest fee details.

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