Kwong Fuk Commercial Centre

Location: Kwong Fuk Commercial Centre | Accessibility category: Estate Shopping Centre | Accessibility information: Kwong Fuk Commercial Centre

Accessibility Index
Attractions Evaluation
The entrance is equipped with an automatic door or no door, and it is wide and suitable for wheelchairs to enter and leave alone
The aisle is flat and wide or has a ramp, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility can enter and leave alone
There is no need or a wide drop lift to reach all floors, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility can use them alone
There are gender-free toilets, which may require assistance from others before use
Special facilities for wheelchair users are available or can be borrowed, pre-application is required
The staff is friendly and courteous, and can provide consulting services for wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility
The space channel is generally wide and flat, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility may require assistance from others

suitable category

  • Family family
  • Physical Disability
  • Manual wheelchair
  • Wheelchair companion
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Elderly
  • Visually impaired people
  • Couple
  • Pregnant woman
  • Lone Ranger

Local Facilities

  •   Lead Path
  •   Touch Map
  •   Guide Dogs are welcome
  •   Available by subway (within 15 minutes walk)
  •   Bus reachable (within 15 minutes walk)


Kwong Fuk Commercial Centre is located in Guangfu Village, Tai Po. It mainly meets the daily shopping needs of residents. Therefore, it has Chinese restaurants, supermarkets, ATMs, pharmacies, clinics, restaurants, convenience stores and various shops.

Accessibility description

Kwong Fuk Commercial Centre has a number of barrier-free facilities, including entrances and exits, passages, lifts, accessible toilets, tactile floor plans and tactile guide paths, etc. The design fully considers the needs of wheelchairs/persons with reduced mobility, most of which are uneven There is a ramp, and the ramp is relatively flat, so wheelchair users can easily get on and off.

 FG Tips

There is a supermarket on the third floor of the mall, but there are steps at the main entrance. Wheelchair friends need to notify the staff to open the entrance of the cargo passage before entering

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Relevant information

Address : Kwong Fuk Commercial Centre 28 Plover Cove Road Tai Po, New Territories

Enquiries : 3977 4747

Website :

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Traffic Information

Accessibility Index
- There are a lot of bus routes to reach
1) Kwong Fuk Market
Bus route: 71K, 71S, 73P, 75X, 263C, K18

Meeting Facilities


- The main entrance of Kwong Fook Shopping Centre is located at No. 28 Baohu Road, Tai Po. The underground is the entrance to the market. The entrance of the mall is located on the 1st floor of the platform. There are two elevators next to the bus stop.

Channel design

- Most areas of the shopping mall are designed with wide passageways, which are generally suitable for wheelchair users to enter and exit
- Some shops have stone steps at the entrance, wheelchair users should pay special attention
- There are 2 lifts for boarding and alighting, located next to the bus stop
- Most uneven places are equipped with ramps, the ramps are relatively flat, so wheelchair users can easily get on and off


- The mall has an accessible toilet located in the underground market

Visually impaired facilities

- There is a touch-reading floor plan in the shopping mall, which guides the route and supports the voice navigation function of the teller machine


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