Kong Pui Street Rest Garden

Kong Pui Street Rest Garden, one of Hong Kong parks, one of amusement parks, on Kong Pui Street, Sha Tin.

Accessibility Index
Attractions Evaluation
The entrance is equipped with an automatic door or no door, and it is wide and suitable for wheelchairs to enter and leave alone
The aisle is flat and wide or has a ramp, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility can enter and leave alone
There is an accessible toilet, wheelchair/person with reduced mobility can use it alone
Special facilities for wheelchair users are available or can be borrowed
The staff are kind and courteous, and can provide help and assistance for wheelchairs/persons with disabilities
The space channel is generally wide and flat, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility may require assistance from others

suitable category

  • Manual wheelchair
  • Electric wheelchair
  • Elderly
  • Photoman
  • Lone Ranger

Local Facilities

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Section 5 of Rest Garden is a small park. In Gang Pui Street, Sha Tin, there is a roller skating rink. The garden is long and narrow, extending from Sha Tin Wai to Shing Mun River.

Accessibility description

There are multiple barrier-free facilities, including entrances and exits, passages, tactile guide paths, etc., designed to take into account the needs of wheelchairs/persons with reduced mobility. Most of the uneven places are equipped with ramps, and the ramps are relatively flat, so wheelchair users can easily Up and down.

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Relevant information

Opening hours: 7 a.m. to 11 p.m

Address : Section 5 of Rest Garden, Kong Pui Street, Sha Tin

Traffic Information

Accessibility Index
- Only a small number of bus routes can be reached or it takes more than 20 minutes to walk to get off the subway
Hong Kong Gangbei Street Rest Garden Garden Bus Station, the route through Gangbei Street Rest Garden is N42

Meeting Facilities


-The entrance and exit of Kong Pui Street Rest Garden are mainly located at the eastbound of Sha Tin Wai Road, Sha Tin Wai, Sha Tin District, New Territories, outside Yali Court, Phase I of Garden City, and near Kong Pui Street Rest Garden (section 5). The passage is wide and flat, which is suitable for wheelchairs. Access for people with reduced mobility

Channel design

- Most of the channels are flat


- There is no accessible toilet


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