"Barrier Free School" is a remote education service platform for people with disabilities. Make good use of the professional knowledge of higher education talents from various tertiary institutions in Hong Kong, and the existing software and hardware resources of NGOs to provide high-quality teaching for people with disabilities. It is hoped that some of the above problems can be improved, and the ultimate goal is Let all persons with disabilities obtain relevant professional knowledge and assist them to enter the enterprise employment.

Let Hong Kong people with disabilities have the opportunity to learn the "knowledge-intensive" IT accessibility courses. The courses provided by the "Accessibility Academy" range from simple to advanced. The courses include Microsoft Word workshops, Wix Web Design Introduction, video clips and Post-production, web design and production (beginner) and Photoshop image editing (beginner to intermediate), etc. As long as you apply for membership online, most courses can allow students to learn from the Internet at home.

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Phone: 5564-2368

Address: Baptist University campus, 224 Waterloo Road, Kowloon Tong

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://bfschoolhk.wixsite.com/bfschool

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