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Easy Travel Co., Ltd. (Yida Bus) is an organization under the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. Easy Bus "Elderly Pick-up Service" is a pilot service project commissioned by the Hospital Authority. It was officially put into service on September 1

In 2005, Yida Bus was awarded the ISO-9001 quality management system certificate. The employees of the company have been adhering to the "customer-oriented" spirit to achieve the policy of continuous improvement of services.


"Easy Bus" aims to provide transportation services that are easy to use, safe, comfortable, and easy to get on and off for people with transportation needs, especially the elderly with limited mobility, and according to their needs, such as going to receive treatment and other activities, Assist them to get to their destination.

Service object

Provide barrier-free transportation services for the elderly with mobility difficulties and those in need.

Service area

Elderly Pickup Service

Elderly pick-up service provides transportation to and from the hospital, follow-up consultation, treatment and other activities for elderly patients aged 60 or above and their accompanying carers.

Users must first apply to become a member before using the service. EasyBus will arrange for members of the same or similar itinerary to take the same route to pick up more passengers in need. However, this service does not include transporting patients upstairs or Go downstairs.

How to apply


1. Be 60 years old or above; and
2. Have mobility difficulties, but can use the service on their own or have accompanying carers to assist them to and from the destination to the way to get on and off the car.

Eligible persons can fill in the application form and fax or mail it to Easy Travel Co., Ltd. If the application is successful, the applicant will receive the "Easy Bus" membership card (with the membership number) and information on using the "Easy Bus" service within two weeks. If the application is unsuccessful, you will also receive a separate notice.

After successfully applying to become a member of "Easy Bus", use the membership number to make an appointment for follow-up visits in the next 60 days.

Member application form

Service hotline 2348-0608

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