ReHabAid Centre
The Rehabilitation Specialist and Resource Center is a patient-oriented organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with special needs and promoting healthy living in the community.

The organization is mainly composed of the "Rehabilitation Specialty and Resource Center" serving adults and the elderly, the "Rotary Children's Rehabilitation Specialty and Resource Center" and the "Mobile Rehabilitation Specialty and Resource Center". Our predecessor was subordinate to the "Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation" and later formed the "Rehabilitation Resources Association". The "Rehabilitation Specialty and Resource Center" joined the "Hospital Authority" in 1991, and the "Rotary Children's Rehabilitation Specialty and Resource Center" was added in 1994. The two centers are now under the jurisdiction of the "Hospital Authority".

 The "Rehabilitation Equipment Resource Center" was established in 1979, and the "Rotary Children's Rehabilitation Equipment Resource Center" was subsequently established in 1984.

After years of transformation and development, the two centers have become specialized rehabilitation institutions, and were renamed "Rehabilitation Specialty and Resource Center" and "Rotary Children's Rehabilitation Specialty and Resource Center" in 1997.

Several centers under this organization work hand in hand to provide convenient and comprehensive services to the disabled, chronically ill patients, medical staff and the entire community of Hong Kong.

The range of services includes: (1) specialist rehabilitation services; (2) community rehabilitation services; (3) education services and (4) resource services. In addition, this institution is also a one-stop resource center for rehabilitation equipment, taking a leading position in rehabilitation technology.

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