Founded in 1987, HKMTTS is a non-profit amateur theatre troupe co-founded by Mr. Lu Dun, Mr. Cha Liangjing, Mr. Zhu Ke, Mr. Jiang Zhongping and Mr. Wu Hui.

Since the performance of the first drama "One Woman and Four Men" in 1987, there will be more than 100 people in the film and television industry who have participated in the front and back work of the stage.

The repertoires performed are all well-known classic works at home and abroad. It has had a great influence, and it has also added a lot of brilliance to the Hong Kong theater scene.

The purpose of the Hong Kong Film and Television Theatre is to provide an opportunity for supplementary and re-training for artistic workers engaged in the film and television industry.

It also hopes to cultivate a new generation of acting talents in different performances.

The Hong Kong Film and Television Theatre has always adopted a rigorous and serious attitude, selecting and performing excellent scripts, broadening the creative space, digging into the performing arts, and improving the production level in order to win the love of the audience.

Looking forward to the future, the Hong Kong Film and Television Theatre will develop more different creations, try a variety of different types of performances, and hope to breathe with the audience in the theater, and discover the infinite depth of art in the applause of the audience.

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