People in wheelchairs should plan a barrier-free journey and enjoy the fun of traveling smoothly and happily. In addition to reading accommodation articles, accommodation search tips, easy travel, and in-depth travel recommendations, they can also refer to this "Outside Tour" before setting off. Raiders, as a checklist, see if you are ready for barrier-free travel to make the journey smoother!

PART 1)prepared beforehand

Do you want to enjoy a few days in neighboring Taipei? Or go to the American Grand Canyon for a two-week in-depth tour? Do you choose to travel on your own or follow a tour group? For different journey plans, we can make different preparations.


1.1 Find a suitable place

  •   Complete barrier-free facilities: including transportation, toilets, elevators, etc.
  •   Friendly and easy-to-get locals
  •   Less communication barriers: the main languages ​​are Cantonese, English, and Mandarin, and the text is mainly Chinese and English
  •   Simple visa procedures and immigration policy
  •   Prosperous city: clothing, food, housing and transportation are within easy reach

1.2 Suitable weather and time

  •   Stable and mild climate
  •   Non tourist season
  •   Non-local long holiday
  •   Avoid using public transportation during peak traffic hours

1.3 Search for accessible traffic information

  •   Whether the train/subway/bus has barrier-free facilities available
  •   There are barrier-free taxis available for appointment
  •   Rehabilitation vehicles are available for hire

1.4 Plan to properly organize the trip

  •   Choose tourist attractions with complete barrier-free facilities: popular attractions, theme parks, museums, zoos and aquariums, seafood markets/fisherman’s wharf, shopping malls and outlets, outdoor promenades and seasides, and international activities

1.5 Master the distance and number of days to the destination

  •   Traveling for the first time brother is suitable for three to five days itinerary, you should choose the neighboring area
  •   Travel experts can arrange longer and longer itineraries according to their own circumstances

1.6 immigration procedures

  •   Pay attention to the special arrangements provided by the local Immigration Department for people with reduced mobility, such as whether there is a special priority channel for the disabled when entering and leaving the airport) to save waiting time
  •   If the disabled themselves do not use a wheelchair, or the wheelchair needs to be sent to the warehouse, and cannot be used while waiting for entry and exit, you can check with the local airport whether there is a wheelchair available for loan

1.7 Select tour group

  •   International group: first contact the travel agency to see if you can cooperate in transportation and accommodation to accommodate the need for barrier-free. If you can travel with friends, relatives and friends and reach the specified number of people, you can package the group to adjust the program, food, accommodation, and transportation of the tour group, and design an in-depth tour itinerary for the convenience and comfort of the disabled
  •   Local tour: Choose a local tour for the disabled. Some countries have local tour for the disabled. The itinerary and places are suitable for wheelchair users, and barrier-free transportation arrangements will be provided.

1.8 Learn about self-driving tour arrangements

  •   Understand the local car rental service terms and insurance arrangements
  •   Find out if there is an accessible vehicle that allows wheelchairs to get on and off directly
  •   Check the parking arrangements of local tourist attractions, such as the location of barrier-free parking spaces, parking facilities, etc.

1.9 Physical state

  •   Consult a doctor before departure to find out if the physical condition is suitable for traveling, especially by plane
  •   Bring plenty of medicines and back-up medicines, and make a list of commonly used medicines
  •   Understand the local drug laws and customs restrictions on drugs (note whether there are any special arrangements for the disabled)

1.10 Personal equipment and insurance

  •   Choose a suitable insurance (note if there is any mention of protection for the disabled)
  •   Find out if there is a place to repair wheelchairs near the accommodation
  •   Learn about local medical equipment rental arrangements

Extra: servant expenses

  •   The living and eating of the handicapped during travel may need to be taken care of by the servant, so the servant needs to be accompanied
  •   When considering expenses, remember to also consider the cost of air tickets, hotels, transportation, etc. of the companions, so as not to lose the budget

2. Book air tickets and accommodations

2.1 Consider the surrounding environment

  •   Preliminarily plan the itinerary must visit the attractions, and arrange accommodation in the center of major attractions
  •   Choose the location of the nearby station (railway station, bus terminal and transfer station) and understand the design of the road from the station to the hotel
  •   Pay attention to accessible parking locations and accessible parking spaces near the hotel
  •   Pay attention to the packages near the accommodation

2.2 Consider accommodation facilities

  •   Choose the barrier-free accommodation that best suits your needs
  •   Inquire about relevant information via email and request real-life photos
  •   Consider whether the design of shared areas, rooms, bathrooms, toilets and other facilities is barrier-free

2.3 Fully search for accommodation information

  •   Through different websites, fully and accurately understand whether the hotel provides barrier-free facilities
  •   Official website: Provide simple traffic information for preliminary reference
  •   Travel website: Filter accessible accommodations when searching for hotels, and learn past travelers’ reviews of accommodations (search function and evaluation function)
  •   Travel Blog: Introduce travel information from all over the world, including different types of accommodations, and recommend scenic spots and nearby accommodations for more personal information

2.4 Booking air tickets

  •   Compared with booking tickets online, it is recommended to book tickets by phone to inform you of special service needs immediately, so as to avoid the need to change flights after purchasing a flight that cannot provide wheelchair consignment services
  •   Special services can be requested at the time of booking, such as applying for assistance on boarding a wheelchair, wheelchair storage service, dedicated wheelchair service in the cabin, providing wheelchair information (wheelchair size and battery type) for staff to check whether the wheelchair size meets the delivery provided by the flight Warehouse Service
  •   Wheelchair users need to inform the airline about special needs 72 hours to one week in advance (subject to the arrangement of the airline) and should check with the corresponding airline for the arrangement
  •   Understand the arrangements for airlines to check wheelchairs and assistive devices, as well as boarding, boarding and disembarking aircraft and barrier-free toilets

3. Preparation of personal belongings

  3.1 Bring enough foreign currency, you can first search for local price information, and then measure how much foreign currency you need to exchange based on the number of travel days and estimated expenditure.

  3.2 Pay attention to exchange rate changes and exchange foreign currencies at a cost-effective time. In some places, it is more cost-effective to exchange in Hong Kong, while in other places, the opposite is true. You can refer to travel blog recommendations.

  3.3 Remember to bring the required documents for entry and exit, including passports, and pay attention to the expiration date of the passport. Some countries do not allow foreigners whose passports will expire within half a year to enter.

  3.4 Some countries, such as Taiwan and the United States, require a visa. For example, the procedures in Taiwan are simple, just fill in the form online, while the procedures in the United States are complicated and time-consuming. It is recommended that you search for relevant information online as soon as possible. Get your visa early.

PART 2) Preparation before boarding

1. Attention when getting on the wheelchair

  •   Online check-in is usually not suitable for wheelchair users, only check-in counters can be used
  •   The check-in time for wheelchair users (early boarding) and the assistance that airlines can provide for wheelchair users to board the plane will vary according to different flights. Please call the hotline for further enquiries
  •   You must bring your own manual for the wheelchair and battery, as well as special tools for disassembly and reassembly of the wheelchair

2. Note for long-distance aircraft

  •   Check whether the airline you are flying provides special seating arrangements for wheelchair users
  •   Pay attention to whether the airline's flight is equipped with barrier-free toilets; whether special wheelchairs for the cabin are provided
  •   Be careful with the food on the aircraft to avoid discomfort and use the restroom frequently
  •   If you can’t use the toilet on the aircraft, remember to make special preparations

3. Airport service

  •   Check baggage porter service for a fee
  •   If you are carrying a large amount of luggage, Hong Kong International Airport also provides a chargeable luggage home service, so that you can pack it lightly on the road, and you should make an appointment as soon as possible

PART 3) Traveling

1. Driving time

  •   Pay attention to the drive to your destination
  •   Check whether there is a rest stop during the long-distance bus, and whether the rest stop is equipped with barrier-free toilets

2. Pay attention to your physical condition

  •   Pay attention to changes in physical condition during travel
  •   Know the information of the local helpline to deal with emergencies
  •   Check the location of the hospital near the hotel, take precautions

3. Confirm the return airport arrangement in advance

  •   Pay attention to whether the airport provides special services for wheelchair users
  •   Such as baggage porter service and luggage home service

4. Places to visit

  •   When you arrive at each tourist spot, you should first get a map of the attraction
  •   Pay attention to the location of barrier-free facilities on the ground, especially toilets and lifts

5. Valuables

  •   Don’t put valuables behind the wheelchair to prevent thieves from taking advantage of it
  •   You can choose a thin and close-fitting anti-theft bag, which can be worn on the inside of your clothes, making it difficult for thieves to detect

6. Be adaptable

  •   You can check with hotel staff for more information before departure
  •   Inform family members of the daily itinerary in advance, and report safety to the family after arriving at each tourist attraction. If there is an accident (especially missing, robbery, etc.), the family can call the police for help in time

PART 4) Return trip sharing

1. Record accessibility points

  •   It is recommended that you can record the main points of the journey on the car or on the flight
  •   Which scenic spot has unexpectedly improved barrier-free facilities?
  •   How are the barrier-free facilities of the hotel?
  •   Are the locals friendly to people with reduced mobility? Does anyone offer assistance?
  •   Pay attention to whether the airline's flight is equipped with barrier-free toilets? Do you provide wheelchairs for the cabin?

2. Evaluation sharing

  •   After recording the main points of the journey, you can upload it to your blog or share it on your blog to share your experience with other people with reduced mobility
  •   For example, recommending barrier-free tourist attractions, reminding you of difficulties and solutions when staying in hotels, evaluating airlines’ special services, etc., so that everyone can share barrier-free travel information and benefit together.
  FG tips

As long as you refer to the above checklist, prepare before departure and before boarding the plane, fully consider different factors when booking air tickets and accommodation, and bring the necessary personal items, check again before boarding the plane, and pay attention after arrival Things to pay attention to in tourist locations, you can have a barrier-free journey. I wish you a pleasant journey, and welcome back to share your experience with us!

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