For wheelchair users, there are a lot of myths about traveling to other places, and there are unknowns that make out-of-town travel not popular among wheelchair users.

In fact, different countries and regions are also paying more and more attention to the needs of wheelchair users, and barrier-free passages have been built in various locations to allow passengers with disabilities or the disabled to travel easily. The following are travel tips compiled by our wheelchair friends who have travel experience to help the first traveler plan the journey.

Point 1: Find a suitable location

Wheelchair people choose places to travel, such as holiday resorts, best beaches or lively nightlife spots, but at the same time, there are some practical factors to consider:

Language communication

As the saying goes, when you go out and rely on friends, a common language or writing can help you communicate; when you encounter difficulties, you can easily seek help. Because wheelchair users will have more questions before and during the trip, especially about barrier-free settings, toilets, asking directions, making appointments for special assistance, and even requiring assistance in emergencies, etc.You should choose a travel destination with fewer communication barriers

The commonly used language of Hong Kong people is Cantonese, followed by English and Putonghua, and the text is traditional Chinese;Basically, going to Taiwan, a popular tourist spot for Hong Kong people, is definitely an entry point, Communication is never difficult, and the Chinese characters are all used, so whether you watch instructions for shopping or lead the way, or even ask for help through dialogue, it is easy.

Japan is also a popular tourist area for Hong Kong people. Although there is no common language, the text is written in Chinese characters. This can be used to estimate the meaning, plusSome Japanese also understand English and are willing to help others carefully, So it is very popular with Hong Kong people and wheelchair people.

As for other western countries, many countries also use English as their main language, such as the United Kingdom and the United States, so communication is basically not a problem;

But if you want to go to countries with your own language, such as Spain, Germany, South Korea, etc., it is recommended to plan and prepare before you travel. It is suitable for traveling with friends

Accessible package

Accessibility facilities in a place are very important for wheelchair users.Points to pay attention to on the hardwareHave:
-Is there barrier-free transportation?
-Is it easy to find the handicapped toilet?
-Is it convenient for the airport to leave the city?
-Is the attraction passage / ramp enough?
-Are there enough entrances and steps?
-Is the lift easy to find?
-Are the medical and emergency arrangements complete?

It is recommended that the first traveler can choose Tokyo, Daban, Taipei, Sanpan City, Singapore and other places with more complete subways and easy to find large shopping malls.. As for areas outside the major cities in the UK, such as Oxford and Cambridge, unlike London, where there are many large shopping malls, it is more difficult to find restrooms. As for some places due to environmental restrictions, such as the subways in Beijing, London and South Korea, not every station has elevators. . In addition, in some places near the sea and high water levels, in order to prevent the shops from sinking, many floor shops will have steps at the door, such as the outlying islands of Hong Kong, which cause inconvenience to wheelchair users. Avoid going to these places.

Through the Google Real Map, you can observe the basic accessibility and basic supporting facilities in various places, Such as whether the pavement on the street is level, whether the pedestrian crossing will have barrier-free design to facilitate wheelchair users to cross.

If you want to know the accessibility of local transportation, you can browse the official websites of major transportation tools, Understand the facilities displayed by the official, and search for relevant photos at the same time, observe the transportation to the barrier-free level.


In addition to the barrier-free packages mentioned above, you should also pay attention when choosing a tourist locationSoftware coordination,include:
-On the whole, are the locals friendly and easy to get along with?
-Is law and order stable?
-Are there any special religious taboos?
-Is the internet open?

As we all know, Japan is a very friendly city, and Taiwanese are very hospitable. The public security in the above two places and Singapore is also very good, and they are common to Hong Kong people. Places to go;

As for some non-popular tourist places, such as the Philippines, India, and even Turkey, which are not very open, it is recommended not to go alone, especially for wheelchair users Put the backpack behind the wheelchair and the risk of being stolen is relatively high;

In addition, because our wheelchair friends have to collect data before traveling, the most commonly used are Google real-world maps and route detection. They will also search for people with disabilities and accessibility news in different regions to understand the development of accessibility in each region. , So where the Internet is mature and more wheelchair friends have visited and shared their experiences will be more convenient for wheelchair users to prepare before setting off.

On the contrary, in some areas,It is difficult to find relevant accessibility information on the Internet, which indicates that the place lacks accessibility facilities and is not convenient for wheelchair users, It is not recommended to choose to go to these areas; such as the Philippines, there are only very short railways, and there are no barrier-free facilities, and there are no other barrier-free public transportation.


The purpose of each person's travel is different. Some people like to see the customs, some people are looking for excitement, and some people have a special liking for the nature of the countryside, but wheelchair friends should choose to go first.More prosperous cities and economic and trade centers as a base; This type of area has matured development, no matter transportation, entertainment, shopping, etc. are also available. In these areas, clothing, food, housing, and transportation are within easy reach, which is more convenient for wheelchair users.

Some bloggers once shared that some wheelchair friends encountered flight delays and delays, and needed an extra day of stay and then arrange transportation to the airport. Because wheelchair friends need to take care of more things, such as car rental, wheelchair rental and accessible hotel facilities, It is also not suitable for "shopping on the ground" at the airport. If you are a base in a big city, the arrangement is more flexible and convenient.

Immigration package

No matter what route is used to travel, it is most important to be able to reach and leave the destination safely and easily, so try toChoose a visa location with simple visa procedures and immigration policies, In order to save the waiting time and convenience of immigration, andPay attention to whether the barrier-free facilities at the airport are convenient

  FG Tips
Whether you are in wheelchairs or able-bodied people, I also hope to have a happy itinerary and enjoy the beautiful scenery and delicious food of foreign countries. However, wheelchair users will always have restrictions on mobility and physical strength. When planning a journey, they should balance interest, ideal itinerary and abilities, and practical considerations to ensure safety and convenience are the basis for a successful journey. Therefore, we should choose a suitable location, with barrier-free facilities, barrier-free language communication, friendly locals, large cities with complete immigration facilities and mild climate, and avoid going to the local area during the tourist season. Pay attention to the local transportation for wheelchair users. Whether the tools are complete, and organize the itinerary in a planned way, try to choose to go to nearby areas for about three to five days.

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