Airport Core Programme Exhibition Centre

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Accessibility Index
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The entrance and exit are equipped with manual doors, and the width is roughly suitable for wheelchairs to pass through, some of which may require assistance from others
The passage is generally flat and wide or has a ramp, but some of it may require assistance from others
There is a basic lift, you may need assistance from others when using it
General parking spaces are available, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility must be assisted by others
There are gender-free toilets, which may require assistance from others before use
Special facilities for wheelchair users are available or can be borrowed, pre-application is required
The staff is friendly and courteous, and can provide consulting services for wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility
The space channel is generally wide and flat, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility may require assistance from others


The Airport Core Project Exhibition Center is an exhibition hall with the theme of "Hong Kong Airport Core Project". It was opened in 1996. The exhibition center is now managed by the Tsuen Wan District Office of the Home Affairs Department. The Airport Core Project Exhibition Center has 5 exhibition areas. The ten core projects in the "Hong Kong Airport Core Project" are introduced with models, pictures and text panels, so that visitors can have a comprehensive understanding of the entire project. The observation deck on the rooftop and the garden outside the center are equipped with telescopes for visitors to enjoy the scenery of Tsing Ma Bridge and its surroundings.

The Airport Core Project Exhibition Center has a number of barrier-free facilities, including ramp entrances and exits, passages, elevators, accessible toilets and wheelchair lifts, which generally meet the needs of wheelchairs/persons with reduced mobility. Most of the uneven places are

Accessibility description

Tuesday to Friday (10:00 am to 5:00 pm)
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays (10:00 am to 6:30 pm)
The center is open as usual on public holidays (including Mondays listed as public holidays), except for New Year's Day, Chinese New Year and Christmas holidays.

 FG Tips

From Tsuen Wan West Station, take bus 234B to the exhibition center. There is a ramp at the entrance. There are stone steps and a lift at the entrance of the exhibition center. Wheelchair friends can call: 2491-9202 to open the lift.

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Address : 401 Castle Peak Road, Tsuen Wan, NT

Enquiries : 2491-9202

Website :

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Traffic Information

Meeting Facilities
Take bus 234B from Exit A1 of Tsuen Wan West Station

Meeting Facilities


- The main route from the bus station to the exhibition center is Ping Road

- The access to the entrance and exit of the exhibition center is wide and is connected by a long ramp, which is convenient for people with wheelchairs/handicapped

- There are wheelchair lifts at the entrance and exit of the exhibition center. If necessary, please call the staff coordinator

Channel design

- Most of the passages in the exhibition center are designed to be wide and flat, which are generally suitable for wheelchairs/handicapped persons to enter and exit
- The gardens and passages outside the exhibition center are generally flat

- There is a lift in the garden connecting the upper floor and the observation deck


- There are accessible toilets in the exhibition center


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