In addition to flying, cruises are also a convenient option for wheelchair users to travel abroad. In recent years, Hong Kong has built the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. It is more convenient and popular to take cruises. There are many new cruise routes that are suitable for wheelchair users. The following will give a detailed introduction.

  The design of the passages on each floor of the cruise is roughly the same, wide and flat, with few bends and steps, allowing wheelchairs and other pedestrians to pass at the same time, and it will not be crowded when there are many people.
  There are multiple barrier-free lifts to and from all floors without using stairs.
  The only narrow passage is the passage leading to the guest room, which can only be used for wheelchairs. Wheelchair users must be especially careful.
  The cruise deck is very suitable for wheelchair users. It is flat and wide, and offers great views of the sea.
  There is also ample space next to the swimming pool on the lower deck for wheelchair users to sunbathe.
  There are also barrier-free toilets on each floor of the cruise ship. There are clear signs outside the door for wheelchair users to identify. The map of the floor also shows the location of the barrier-free toilets.
  The toilet is equipped with an automatic door, and the interior space is wide, and facilities for wheelchair users are readily available.

Pier design

  •   The design of the waiting hall and the embarkation passage is wide, flat and with few bends, so wheelchair users can pass unimpeded from entering the pier to entering and exiting the border and embarking and disembarking the ship.
  •   The ticket exchange adopts a self-service design, and the exchange machine is highly suitable for wheelchair users, and there is also staff assistance nearby.

How to get there

1) KMB 5R

  •   Shuttle to cruise terminal, Ngau Tau Kok and Kwun Tong MTR station
  •   Services are available from 11 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday, and from 11 am to 7 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

2) CTB 22

  •   Shuttle to cruise terminal, Festival Walk
  •   daily 05:40 to 00:15

3) Wealthy Ferry

4) Private car

  •   The cruise terminal provides 113 hourly car parking spaces. The opening hours are from 7 am to 11 pm. Fee: $10 per hour from Monday to Friday. Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays: $15 per hour.
    Parking spaces are limited and often full. Passengers planning to take a cruise should take public transportation to the cruise terminal.
  •   This parking lot does not provide overnight parking

Ship name: World Dream

The World Dream is a luxury cruise ship owned by Dream Cruises. It is currently the largest cruise ship of Dream Cruises, reaching 151,300 Tons, officially put into service in 2017, the World Dream gathers the essence of the world and offers guests an unforgettable sea trip. The boat provides buffet cuisine from Asia and all over the world, and is equipped with colorful leisure activities and facilities, and many international famous brands to create top-notch dining and entertainment experiences. Guests can enjoy the life of a cruise while exploring the beautiful scenery of Asia.

Dream Star Cruises has a wide range of routes, suitable for both near and far, including 2 nights of Hong Kong sea trip on weekends, 5 nights of Guangzhou (Nansha) trip and 5 nights of Vietnam, etc. The price ranges from HKD 1,500 to over 5,000. It depends on the room and departure time.

The World Dream ship is equipped with comprehensive barrier-free facilities. There are multiple barrier-free toilets on each floor, and the design meets the standard; all passages are flat and non-slip design to facilitate the passage of wheelchair users; multiple barrier-free lifts are installed on each floor Exchanges; except for some sports and adventure facilities that require physical activities, all amusement facilities cater for the needs of wheelchair users.

Coming into service: 2017

Displacement: 151,300 tons

Full length: 335 meters

Full width: 40 meters

  main facilities
There are various dining, bars, fitness rooms, swimming pools, game rooms, VR virtual experience halls, water slides, spas, opera houses, and casinos on board.

Guest room
Enjoy luxurious Room facilities, more than 70% of the rooms on board have terraces

in the water park Engage in exciting activities and participate in the latest VR virtual reality games in the ESC Experience Hall, including a fully dynamic virtual roller coaster and Star Wars™ Battle Pod console

Experience over 35 A unique dining concept, including Prime Steakhouse and Vintage Room high-end western restaurant

Crystal Life Spa
The largest sea spa enjoys a combination of Chinese and Western spa facilities

The Palace Palace
The The all-suite-style noble space of the Palace, enjoy a comprehensive luxury cruise experience

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