煌府1號 Palace One

煌府1號 Palace One-Bad rating-2
煌府1號 Palace One--2
煌府1號 Palace One-Good rating-2
煌府1號 Palace One
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宴會至尊 貼心服務「煌府婚宴專門店」是一間經營高級粵菜的餐飲集團,自2006年創辦以來,專注中式高級婚宴和社團宴會業務。分店遍佈港九新界,創意獨特的婚宴場地,例如:飛天馬車、童話城堡、升降樓梯、旋轉舞台、100呎水晶catwalk天橋從地面升起等,成為家喻戶曉的人氣品牌,是結婚擺酒場地的首選。 堅持「顧客至上,用心服務」的理念,首創「婚宴一條龍」服務。提供高級的餐飲料理之外,更推出空中花園證婚、自助餐酒會、花車、律師證婚、婚紗攝影、結婚蛋糕、請帖、DVD製作、旅遊巴士接送等貼心項目,省卻新人的奔波勞碌,讓他們安心享受完美的婚禮過程。美食以外,集團致力打造低碳的餐飲環境,提供優質環保菜單。連續多年,榮獲「香港環保卓越計劃大獎」、「傑出企業社會責任獎」、「香港星級品牌大獎」等殊榮。......

Kowloon Bay宏照道38號MegaBox 13樓4號舖
HK$101 - 200
  • 粵菜 (廣東)
  • 點心
Entrance and Exit-3 Channel level design-3 Toilet for the disabled-2 Space-2 Dining table-1

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Entrance and Exit :
Channel level design :
Toilet for the disabled :
Space :
Dining table :

- The entrance is equipped with an automatic door or no door, and it is wide and suitable for wheelchairs to enter and leave alone

- The aisle is flat and wide or has a ramp, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility can enter and leave alone

- There are gender-free toilets, which may require assistance from others before use

- The space channel is generally wide and flat, wheelchairs / people with reduced mobility may require assistance from others

- The dining table has no knee space under the table or the height is not suitable, making it difficult for wheelchair users to use

煌府1號 Palace OneMeeting Facilities


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