Today, there are many places to sell wheelchairs on the market and on the Internet, and electric wheelchairs are becoming more and more popular. Faced with so many choices, we will unexpectedly be confused. How to choose a wheelchair that suits you? Generally? Wheelchair beginners also have the following problems:

  •  Which function and style wheelchair will be more suitable?
  •  size how to choose?
  •  What is the difference between high and low wheelchairs?
  •  Can all wheelchairsfold up?
  •  price will the more expensive wheelchair be better?
  •  Is there any special place to pay attention to?

Except for some people with special needs, some occupational therapists advise them on specific or even customized wheelchairs. Others need to take a wheelchair because of their own health or buy wheelchairs for their elderly relatives. When choosing a wheelchair suitable for you, you need to look at your weight, height, use and life needs. You can pay attention to the following points and brief introductions:

Part 1: Wheelchair style and function

Key point 1: Manual vs. electric wheelchair

Consider using manual and electric wheelchairs. In addition to the price, you should also consider your physical needs and the flexibility of your home arrangement:

For the average family, ifGood physical condition and strong upper limbs, a manual wheelchair will be more suitableGood physical condition and strong upper limbs, a manual wheelchair will be more suitable

Some electric wheelchairs are fully automatic or semi-automatic wheelchairs. There are a group of quite large batteries. The wheelchair is relatively large. Some electric wheelchairs can be folded up slightly, but they are slightly larger in size. You must leave enough space to pass through at home. And turn around, users should also pay attention. But because the electric wheelchair does not need assistance at all, it has more freedom when going out, and there is no need to worry about insufficient physical strength.Suitable for people who need to use wheelchairs for long-term mobility and those with weak hand strength, weakness and poor health, In order to facilitate them to go out and meet the needs of daily life. One thing to note is that the electric wheelchair will be more bumpy when it encounters a relatively uneven road, and there is no opportunity for others to assist, and it is completely inflexible to cope with some tall door frames or staircases passing by some shops. Encountering obstacles on the road and sudden showers will bring some inconvenience to friends who use electric wheelchairs.

Point 2: Wheelchair size

When we choose a wheelchair, we need to measure the size, size, weight, and height.The wheelchair seat should be wide enough to sit well, and the foot should be placed in the position of the foot, otherwise the foot will be unstable when passing through the bumpy road and it takes time to 'hold up'. Smaller wheelchairs will be more flexible, use less force when reeling, and will be more convenient when going out, and there is no worry that the wheelchair will be too large to enter the lift. Just like a foldable bicycle that is too light, a wheelchair that is too small is flexible in space, but its durability and functions are relatively compromised.

On the contrary, just like choosing a baby stroller,Heavier people need a larger seat and a higher armrest at the back. It is also more convenient for the escort to push the wheelchair, Don’t have to 'wow' too low. However, for larger wheelchairs, you need to be more vigorous when reeling. It is not convenient to turn around on some narrow roads and lifts in Hong Kong.

Key point 3: Weight of wheelchair

The weight style of the wheelchair is related to the material. Because the electric wheelchair has a large battery, the material should be relatively strong and have a certain weight for flat punching. In case too light a car will 'float'. Some wheelchairs with specific and special functions, such as stair wheelchairs and bicycle wheelchairs, have more components and are heavier.

The lighter wheelchair is of course convenient to use when reeling by yourself. The lighter the wheelchair is, the better it is for people who use wheelchairs all day long. But when users don’t know how to use their own strength and technology, the car will be difficult to control and accidents will easily occur. This point requires more attention.

At the same time, please pay special attention to the fact that general private cars, such as barrier-free taxis, have weight restrictions when pick up wheelchair users. 200KG. The electric wheelchair weighs 100-130KG, plus one's own weight. If you choose an electric wheelchair that is too large, you may not be able to take a barrier-free taxi. There are restrictions on transportation.

Key point 4: The height of the wheelchair

If you select a thin and low hand wheelchair, you encounter obstacles on the road, for example, there is a step, stick to the ground wheelchair will be easy to push up and over;

and electric wheelchairs with large heels and high heels, in addition to suitable for people with poor hand strength, some wheelchairs are specially designed to be taller to allow wheelchairs When people communicate with others, they have a higher or even horizontal line of sight, and their hands can reach higher places. But based on our experience, in order to save space in Hong Kong restaurants, tables and chairs will be shorter and thinner. higher wheelchairs will not be 'buried' by the restaurant table strong>, it will be another problem.

Key 5: The origin and price of wheelchairs

For Asia, wheelchairs are mainly produced in Japan, China, and Taiwan. Japanese wheelchairs are common, light in size, stylish in design, and special There are many color choices in the place, but the price is a bit more expensive;

There are many choices of wheelchairs manufactured in mainland China. If you buy them online, the entry price will be cheaper, but the quality may not be guaranteed. The battery wears out quickly and easily. It is not recommended if you travel all day;

Wheelchairs made in Taiwan are also a good choice. Because many people use them, there are many choices of styles and materials, so Taiwan wheelchairs are very cost-effective. Suitable for Hong Kong roads and terrain, it is a good choice. Other common manufacturing places are UK, the United States, Canada and other regions, which are very practical, but some styles are too large.

Key 6: Choose materials

Titanium-aluminum alloy- Wheelchairs made of titanium-aluminum alloy are the most common and practical, and they will not be easy to hit Broken, although it will be heavier, it is very suitable for daily use. When it rains, the wheelchair material made of titanium aluminum alloy will be corroded by acid water, so be careful.

Carbon fiber-Another common one is carbon fiber. The wheelchair made by is light and agile, and is mostly used for sports wheelchairs and travel When driving a vehicle or traveling, the wheelchair made of carbon fiber is light and can be folded up, so it is very convenient. Carbon fiber metal wheelchairs are relatively light and easy to reverse backwards. A certain amount of strength and flexibility is required to use these lightweight wheelchairs.

Useful websites for wheelchair information:

  wheelchair expert, Wheelchair Expert FB Page, Wheelchair King, Yingkang Medical, OX ENGINEERING

  FG Tips

When buying a wheelchair, you might as well compare multiple wheelchair information. 'Wheelchair expert' is also a good choice, because it has more complete information and more wheelchair styles, and their FACEBOOK page will regularly update new wheelchair styles and information, suitable for different people to choose to buy.

Part 2: Wheelchair cleaning and maintenance

Tips 1: Dismantle the axle and clean the wheels

A lighter type of wheelchair, which can disassemble the wheels of the wheelchair, which is convenient for cleaning the wheelchair You only need to use a tool dedicated to cleaning the wheelchair, you can carefully clean the components inside, giving the whole wheelchair a new feel. It is very important to clean the wheelchair regularly, and it can prevent the wheelchair components from rusting and greatly reduce the maintenance cost.

Tips 2: Buy accessories

When purchasing a wheelchair from a supplier, you can choose to purchase different accessories, for example:

  • seat cushion and back cushion

    After purchasing a wheelchair, you can add cushions and back cushions according to your needs. The cushion can make you sit more comfortable, such as thicker Or cooler cushions, the cushions can be used for some pressure management and positioning, which can reduce fatigue and improve sitting balance throughout the day; In addition to supporting the back bone, the back cushion can also correct poor sitting posture and relieve back pain; of course, not everyone’s positioning and comfort are the same , So you need to choose the right cushion yourself.

  • Wheelchair repair toolbox

    The toolbox has tools for basic repair and adjustment of wheelchairs. Wheelchair users can adjust the height of the back pad and clean the wheel according to their needs., are good helpers for wheelchair friends.

  • Wheelchair accessories (such as wheelchair covers and seat belts)

    Whether it is an electric wheelchair or a push wheelchair style, seat belts are a good helper to improve safety, wheelchair seat belts are installed in On the back of a wheelchair or transport chair, pass these screws through the washers on the belt, and then tighten the screws.

  • Specific anti-pressure ulcer air cushion

    If friends with weaker lower body, the anti-pressure sore pad can help eliminate stress and hot spots, redistribute weight, and help Prevent and cure bedsores/pressure ulcers. It can also relieve sciatica, pain and numbness in the legs and buttocks.

  • anti-slip snare for hand ring

    For the wheelchairs currently in use, in order to facilitate the user's manipulation, a hand ring is added to the outside of the wheel, which allows the user to turn the hand ring by hand to control the wheelchair forward or backward By. Since the hand ring is usually made of a smooth round metal material, it is easy to slip and affect the control when rotating. Install an anti-slip snare on the hand ring, which includes a soft and elastic inner liner and an outer layer that wraps the inner liner, so as to facilitate holding and increase anti-slip Sex.

Tip 3: After-sales service

When buying a wheelchair, the wheelchair supplier gives the buyer an after-sales service and an agent service for the wheelchair. Usually they provide some after-sales service for the user, such as observing the user’s purchase of the wheelchair Need to make an adjustment. For example, one month after the user purchases a wheelchair, the wheelchair supplier will usually meet with the user, and then collect the user’s comments and improvement issues, such as using If the height of the wheelchair frame and back pad is not suitable, an adjustment will be made. The height of the wheelchair frame and back pad is adjusted for the user, etc., so that the user can use it more comfortably. You can ask the supplier for Change the height and size of the armrest to suit you.

Tips 4: Maintenance service

Wheelchair needs a month to check the tire pressure or pattern lines of the wheelchair, whether the handbrake screws are loose, whether the pedal height changes, etc. Oil is applied to the bearing to keep it lubricated, which can maintain the safety of the wheelchair.

Generally, wheelchair maintenance service lasts for one year, mainly provided by the supplier. After contacting the supplier, go to the supplier's place to provide maintenance services. During the maintenance period, if there is any wear and tear of the wheelchair, the maintenance is free of charge. However, one thing to note is that the supplier will charge maintenance fees if the wheelchair fails due to man-made damage or unauthorized modification.

Useful websites for wheelchair cleaning and maintenance:

  How to clean a wheelchair

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