Organization: Labor Department
The Selective Employment Division provides employers with free open employment and recruitment services. It is also well-known and has a wide range of services. Provide employers with job seekers for people with physical disabilities, chronically ill, visually impaired, hearing impaired, autistic, mentally handicapped, ex-mentally ill, people with special learning difficulties, and people with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Service content includes:

job matching and referrals, according to job vacancy requirements, recommend suitable job applicants to employers, and cooperate with both employers and employees Requirements

provides follow-up services, and will provide no less than six months of follow-up services for hired disabled employees. Will keep in touch with disabled employees and their employers to understand work progress and other needs, such as assisting disabled employees to apply for rehabilitation bus services

Employer arrangements:

Register vacancies in person at the Selective Employment Division     Hiring job applicants with disabilities who have registered for job hunting     Provide appropriate training/support and appoint instructors     Apply for the "Employment Development Program" subsidy

Employment Development Program (Allowance):

Each eligible employer who participates in the plan hires a person with a disability with employment difficulties, and can receive a total allowance of up to RMB 35,000, with a payment period of up to eight months

For details, please refer to Introduction to Employment Development Program or Contact the following ways:

Hong Kong Office
Address: G/F, East Wing, Harbour Building, 38 Pier Road, Central, Hong Kong (near Sheung Wan MTR station)
Phone: 2852-4801
Fax: 2541-5290

Kowloon Office
Address: G/F, Ngau Tau Kok Government Offices, 21 On Wah Street, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon (near Kowloon Bay MTR station)
Phone: 2755-4835
Fax: 2796-0369

New Territories Office
Address: 2nd Floor, Tsuen Wan Government Offices, 38 Sai Lau Kok Road, Tsuen Wan (near Tsuen Wan MTR Station)
Phone: 2417-6190
Fax: 2499-3713

mechanism: Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation / Hong Kong Disabled and Health Association / Hong Kong Disabled Youth Association

provides employers with one-stop on-the-job trial services, and provides employers with physically disabled and chronically ill job seekers

Service content includes:

Provide employers with support services for hiring disabled employees, including on-the-job follow-up for disabled employees, consultation and explanation of communication and cooperation methods, and accessibility assessment

provides intermediary services for disabled employees, provides consulting services for employers, and assists in referral of suitable disabled employees;
After hiring, provide trainees with vocational skills training and work-related support to help employees meet job requirements;
tailor-made training services for specific positions, and support for vocational skills training courses

Employer arrangements:

Register a vacancy at the center     Provide intermediary services for disabled employees     Hiring job applicants with disabilities who have registered for job hunting     Apply for the "On-the-job Trial Scheme" subsidy under the "Sunshine Road" Training Scheme

*The "Employment Service Center" of the Hong Kong Association of Handicapped Youth will be Employers arrange business support to undertake various order services in the form of a work team

Intermediary services for disabled employees
-Intimately understand what employers need
-Recommend suitable employment plan
-Successful case sharing
-Training on the skills required by employers

Post-employment support
-Care about job seekers’ post-employment situation
-Assist employers in formulating policies and accessibility assessments for hiring people with disabilities
-Assist in applying for the purchase of necessary auxiliary equipment and/or modification of the workshop
-Assist in applying for "on-the-job trial plan" allowance

The "On-the-job Trial Program" allowance of "The "Sunshine Road" Training Program":

Eligible employers participating in the plan can receive subsidies for up to six months. The amount is half of each participant’s monthly actual salary, with a cap of 4,000 yuan, whichever is less.
For details, please refer to Introduction to the Sunshine Road Project

Assisted Employment Service Centers of various agencies:

Address: Room 11, G/F, No. 7 Rehabilitation Path, Lam Tin, Kowloon
Phone: 2534-3588

Address: Unit 28, G/F, Yuping House, Tai Hing Estate, Tuen Mun, New Territories
Phone: 2816-6113

Address: Room 104-105, Shengcui Building, Huancui Village, Chaiwan
Phone: 2551-4226

Address: No. 8-11, G/F, Kai Yu Building, Kai Yip Village, Kowloon Bay
Phone: 2759-6412
Fax: 2756-0310
Email: [email protected]

This program was launched by the Social Welfare Department to provide subsidies to employers who hire people with disabilities to purchase assistive devices and/or modify workplaces to support the employment of people with disabilities

Po Leung Kuk is entrusted to assist in managing this plan. Upon receiving the application submitted by the SWD, an assessor will be sent to contact the applicant organization to evaluate and recommend the auxiliary equipment to be purchased and/or the needs of the modification project. The assessment report is submitted to the SWD Review Committee for approval

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After the applicant organization receives funding and completes the equipment purchase and/or modification workshop project, the assessor of Po Leung Kuk will visit the relevant work site for inspection, supervision and evaluation to understand the usage situation and provide assistance as needed

Employers who hire people with disabilities must obtain a referral from any agency that falls into the following categories:
-A non-governmental organization funded by the SWD to operate vocational rehabilitation services;
-A non-governmental organization that is subsidized by the Employees Retraining Board and runs training courses for people with disabilities or recovering work-related injuries;
-Selective Placement Division of the Labour Department;
-Vocational Training Council;
-Po Leung Kuk

Basic information:
-The application is based on the disabled employee, and the employer must submit an application form for each disabled employee who benefits;
-Grants are all one-off;
-Employers can submit more than one application in each period;
-No fee is required for application.

Scope of funding:

Assistance equipment and/or modification projects that can meet the special needs of employees with disabilities at work may be funded

Support includes:

Computer accessories or configuration equipment, visual amplification equipment, hearing aids, braille products, installation of handrails, etc. ‧‧‧

Support amount:

The maximum amount of subsidy for each disabled employee is basically 20,000 yuan. In the case of a single assistive device and its necessary accessories worth more than 20,000 yuan, the "Planning" committee will pay 40,000 yuan according to the special needs of the case. Only RMB yuan, consider subsidizing the purchase of the single auxiliary device

For application details, please refer to Social Welfare Department And Po Leung Kuk website

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