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One Plus Relief Pants (Large Size)

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Hong Kong company Q Mark brand One Plus relief pull-up pants are underwear-type adult diapers, all products are high temperature sterilized, designed to quickly absorb urine and prevent back leaks, and multiple leak-proof elastic pants are separated to make the pants edges No gaps, effectively lock the odor, plus a thin breathable and comfortable layer, users breathable and not hot, to ensure user safety and comfort

Has the following advantages:
-Q Mark brand, high temperature disinfection, safety and hygiene
-Underpants design, easy to pull on and off
-Antibacterial and deodorant
-Quick absorption, multiple leak proof
-No creases in the trousers
-Slim and breathable, comfortable for the user

Suitable for men and women: Hip circumference: 95-120cm / 37" - 47" inches
10 + 2 pieces per pack (8 packs per box)