One Plus Silver Pack Daily Adult Diapers (Large Size)

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Hong Kong company Q Mark brand One Plus silver daily adult diapers (Large Size), all products are high temperature sterilized, designed to quickly absorb urine, long-term dry and anti-reverse, the material uses instant absorption SAP, Imported wood pulp polymer instantly absorbs urine, and the double leak-proof elastic hem frills effectively lock the odor, plus the magical automatic sticking, which is convenient for free use, more clearly indicates the urine wetness indicator, easy to care for, soft material The user is comfortable.

Has the following advantages:
-Q Mark brand, high temperature disinfection, safety and hygiene
-Magical automatic sticking, easy to use at will
-Quick absorption of urine, long-lasting dryness and anti-osmosis
-Imported wood pulp polymer instantly absorbs urine
-Double leak-proof elastic hem frills to effectively lock odor
-Clear instructions for wetness

For men and women: Hip circumference: 95-120cm / 37 "-47" inches
10 pieces per pack (8 packs per carton)

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